Zwarts Veiligheid & Techniek: “We use Centix throughout our entire process”

Zwarts Veiligheid & Techniek gebruik Centix in het gehele proces

Zwarts Veiligheid & Techniek, under the leadership of director and owner Johan Zwarts, is a company dedicated to the inspection, rental, and sale of various lifting and hoisting equipment, portable climbing equipment, and (permanent) fall protection. With a team of 12 employees, they serve customers in various sectors, including industry and construction. Government institutions are also part of the company’s customer portfolio. For inspections, sales, and rentals, Zwarts utilises the Centix software to streamline management effectively. “We use Centix throughout our entire process.” In this article, Johan shares his experiences with the Centix software and how it enhances the efficiency of Zwarts’ operations.

Opting for Centix: “Tailored to customer preferences”

Three years ago, Johan established Zwarts Veiligheid & Techniek. It was decided to implement a management system immediately to ensure a strong organisational foundation. Centix was selected due to its adaptable nature. Johan: “I’ve used several other management programs before, but I wasn’t entirely satisfied. Sometimes, communication was lacking, or the program was too inflexible to accommodate customer preferences. The greatest advantage of Centix, in my opinion, is that we can do everything ourselves with it.”

"If I had to start all over again, I would choose Centix again without hesitation."

Tailored Implementation

In the implementation process, Zwarts was guided by Centix consultant Tauck van den Haselkamp. The experiences surrounding the collaboration were immensely positive. “Tauck has been with Centix for quite a few years. His explanations were very clear, and he knows exactly how to proceed. I find it easy to collaborate with him. There’s smooth communication back and forth.” Zwarts considers it a significant advantage that the Centix team collaborates closely and listens to customer preferences. “For instance, I needed the inspection checklists to be customised because we use slightly different questions. Additionally, some of our certificates required a different format from the standard Centix templates. Tauck accommodated and managed all these adjustments for us.”

Upon commissioning the software, Zwarts initially focused on implementing the certificate part of the software, which is included in the Centix basic package. Gradually, the organisation began to expand the software by adding additional modules. Once Zwarts Veiligheid & Techniek had the software properly configured to its needs, they also began providing customers with access to the system.

Centix in operational use

At Zwarts Veiligheid & Techniek, Centix serves as the cornerstone of their operational procedures. The software is utilised in various capacities within the company. In the office, it facilitates order management and planning, while in the field, it aids in conducting inspections, among other tasks. Centix’s versatility not only allows Zwarts to streamline internal processes but also provides customers with a seamless experience. Granting customers access to the Centix customer portal provides them with visibility into their own equipment.

Order management with Centix

The Centix software is utilised by Zwarts Veiligheid & Techniek employees in the office for various tasks, ranging from capturing inquiries to generating quotations and processing orders. Johan elaborates on the process: “When a customer calls and requests a quotation or seeks information, our first step is to open Centix. We promptly create a shopping cart, select the customer and the right contact person, and then document the details in the note section. This allows us to accurately record the customer’s requirements. Subsequently, we proceed to create a quotation or place an order based on this information.”

At Zwarts, they handle semi-finished products, from which they manufacture customised items for customers. For instance, when a customer orders a chain, it can be specified to be one metre long, but it can also be two or three metres. Zwarts ensures that the semi-finished product is tailored to meet the specific requirements of the customer. Workers in the workshop retrieve and process the pick lists, ensuring that all items are assembled and prepared for shipment. Once everything is shipped, the orders are invoiced.

Customer portal: insight into own equipment

Customers of Zwarts Veiligheid & Techniek are provided with their own login to Centix, granting them access to their equipment. Upon purchasing a new product, such as a chain hoist, it is registered under the appropriate customer and automatically certified. Additionally, for new customers, a login to the customer portal is promptly created, and a user activation link is sent. “We then monitor via Centix when the product requires recertification. We also automatically send reminders to the customer as needed.” These reminders are automatically dispatched in Centix using Object Alerts.

In addition, the company employs Centix QR codes on all objects. “Every customer can scan the QR code and promptly access corresponding information, including the certificate, user manual, drawing with calculations, and technical documentation. Our customers find this feature highly beneficial and frequently utilise it.”

“Centix understands our needs.”

Centix in the field

The ability of Centix apps to function offline is incredibly convenient for Zwarts. This is particularly useful when inspectors are working in the field, such as in factories, where internet access may be unavailable at times. Johan elaborates on how the Centix software is utilised in the field: “Inspectors refer to Centix to determine their assigned locations. In the office, our work planner automatically generates work orders in Centix and establishes the inspectors’ schedules. Assignments vary in duration, ranging from three-week projects to single-day or few-hour tasks. Inspectors utilise the Work Order App to log travel hours, consumables, and working hours. Customised OI plans are utilised for inspections in the Centix Mobile App. Upon completion of inspections, the work order is closed and signed by the customer. Invoicing is then managed through our office, facilitated by the integration with Snelstart.”

"Everything in one package"

The advantage for Zwarts Veiligheid & Techniek lies in having everything integrated within the Centix package. Johan explains: “We essentially run the entire Centix package. We handle rental and sales, manage all work orders, and plan our operations, you name it. Within Centix, I can effortlessly track work orders, identify pending tasks, and monitor outstanding quotations. With just a few clicks, we can promptly provide customers with overviews and manage various other tasks. It’s an incredibly efficient and enjoyable way of working.”


Johan expresses his satisfaction with Centix as a collaboration partner: “We truly value Centix as a partner. If I had to start all over again, I would choose Centix again without hesitation. This is a significant compliment to your team. Our collaboration proceeds seamlessly. ou grasp our requirements well, and if there’s any uncertainty, you consistently seek clarification. We greatly appreciate that.”

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