Work orders & ticketing

Centix offers work order management software that helps track repair and maintenance flows across the organization. In addition, it is also possible to use Centix as a ‘Ticket’ system. This combination allows you to optimally organize your service organization. With the many expansion options, the workflow module is from relatively simple processes to managing multi-workshop and complex service organizations.


On this page you will find the following modules:

Gereedschapbeheer software

Workflow management


Workflow management is the basis of this module range. It offers extensive options for creating workflow items repetitively or not. By means of the extensive coding possibilities, the registration of communication such as email, you can keep both internal and external stakeholders perfectly and effectively and informed.



With the Centix contracts module you can expand your service organization with a service subscription. The contract includes which assets fall within the contract and what type of maintenance and/or disruptions. The contracts can be invoiced in various ways within Centix or with partner links. For example, it is possible to create a contract type where the hours fall within the contract (and are therefore not invoiced) and the consumables are invoiced with a discount.

Planning board & work orders



Efficient and paperless planning? Centix has a schedule for both personnel and equipment. The planning also provides an overview of availability and leave. No cluttered Excel files, with the planning board including the work order module, the planning is available anytime and anywhere. For the planners in Centix Online and for the technicians and inspectors in the Work Order App.

Efficient planning

When multiple items are dragged onto the schedule, they are bundled into one work order. In this way it remains clear for the technician and the planner. The size of the work order is calculated on the basis of pre-calculation, transport times and working times. Has the schedule changed? No problem! Then drag the work order to another employee and the schedule will be automatically updated both on the planning board and in the app.

Realization of hours & materials


This module offers the possibility to register hours and materials in the Workflow module and possibly in the work orders and the work order App, provided the module planning board & work orders is active. Assuming that both the hour registration and the product module must be enabled for this module to be active.

Time registration


You can see the hours worked with the Centix time registration module. Create hour types, work schedules and get full insight into how many hours you have spent. In an efficient way you can check whether the productivity of your employees and departments is within the objectives.

Working days & working hours


With this module you can create working day schedules and working hour schedules. The module supports rental orders and the workflow modules, including the planning board. For the rental module it is important to record which days the rental price must be calculated. Rents are generally not charged on public holidays and weekends. With the workflow modules, it is important for planning to know whether a day is workable, but also what the breaks are on a day.


Working days schedule

You can indicate which days of the week are work days. It is also possible to specify dates of non-work days. A distinction is made here between the dates that are standard not working days for each year, such as January 1, and dates that are not working days ‘once’.


Working hours

There is a possibility to create work hour schedules with the start, break and end time.

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