Wholesaler Primex strengthens market position with Centix

Owner Tim Dukers: “The platform serves as a compelling Unique Selling Point (USP) that attracts customers to us"

In an era when Primex is actively involved in online activities, and online orders are on the rise, the partnership with Centix, an online registration and management platform, has played a pivotal role in enhancing its competitive market position. Owner Tim Dukers emphasizes how Centix has contributed to Primex’s success: “The platform serves as a compelling Unique Selling Point (USP) that attracts customers to us. I firmly believe that having Centix makes us a more preferred choice for customers.”

A strategic choice

Primex, a well-established technical wholesaler, has been actively pursuing full digitization for some time. Inspector Gabriel Huibers explains that Primex has been a loyal Centix customer since the beginning, but made the transition to Centix Online two years ago due to its user-friendly features. Gabriel elaborates on how they used to rely on paper lists for inspections, which was not only time-consuming but also prone to errors. He states, “With Centix, we can continuously make corrections, updates, and conduct inspections. If we were still using paper, it would double the workload. Our customers also benefit from the system. It’s convenient; they have direct access. In the case of a repair or during an inspection, you simply date and enter the information. It makes the process easy.” Back-office employee Jeroen Heylighen adds, “The advantage is that customers can log in themselves and monitor the progress.”

Efficiency and overview

Gabriel highlights how Centix has significantly enhanced efficiency and reduced errors. He says, “With Centix, errors are now rare. In the past, mistakes could occur. Items could go missing, or incorrect information might be recorded. Now, you can synchronize data instantly, and it’s right in front of you. Previously, you had to carry notes for administrative purposes, and sometimes, you’d forget things.” The use of QR stickers to identify equipment and tools has notably improved traceability. Jeroen further explains, “Each machine has a sticker. You can simply scan it to ensure you have the correct machine immediately.”

Inspector Gabriel Huibers: "With Centix, errors are now rare"

Appreciation for Centix functionality

Owner Tim Dukers underscores the significance of online services for Primex. Gabriel, in particular, values Centix for its capacity to register and manage various types of objects, as well as its flexibility in creating custom inspection plans. He explains, “It immediately becomes much clearer: what needs to be inspected (welding equipment, a ladder). You can then create your own plan and actively utilize it. I also find this process easy, which helps me manage it better. For those working with this system, it’s perfect.”

Future plans

Tim shares Primex’s future plans, emphasizing the significance of service forms and integration with Navision. He explains, “We are highly focused on efficiency, and we believe we can achieve it by integrating systems. For instance, when we consider a repair, we assess factors such as the number of people involved and the associated costs. Our ultimate goal is to ensure profitability.”


Jeroen further elaborates, saying, “Our initial step involves linking with Navision. Subsequently, we aim to enable customers to scan the device in need of repair. This will be facilitated through Centix’s service forms, reducing errors and providing our customers with a seamless way to request repairs, eliminating the need for phone calls or emails.”

The benefits for Primex and its customers

The use of Centix has brought significant benefits to Primex, focusing on increased efficiency and user convenience. Tim Dukers underscores the vital role of these aspects in their operations and commends Centix as an indispensable tool. Gabriel Huibers highlights the efficiency in onboarding new customers facilitated by Centix. The partnership with Centix has enabled Primex to deliver high-quality services to its customers and establish a unique position in the market. Gabriel states, “Primex aims to relieve its customers. When a customer wants five bolts, they receive exactly five bolts, not a bulk pack. That is our commitment to service, and Centix aligns perfectly with it.”

For more information about Primex: visit the Primex B.V. website.

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