Verhart Groen: “Centix makes our work a lot easier”

In the green and civil engineering sector, efficiency, clarity and flexibility are crucial. That is why Verhart Groen is working with Centix, which has helped the company achieve great results. “Centix makes our work a lot easier,” said Workplace Coordinator Linda Sluijs. “I have everything in one overview. That’s ideal.”

Digital Registration of machinery and tools

For some time now, old and time-consuming methods of manual registration have been left behind by Verhart Groen. The green and civil engineering specialist chose Centix Online to work more efficiently. With Centix Online’s QR code, Verhart Groen has a powerful tool at its disposal. When an employee scans a QR code, he or she is immediately provided with a treasure of information about the material piece in question. Machinist Nick shows how he scans a QR code on a tractor. “This is how I get all the information I need about this tractor.”

By using QR codes, machines and tools can be registered quickly and accurately. It also ensures that employees of Verhart Groen no longer have to search through paperwork to uncover the relevant information.

Linda Sluijs - "I have everything in one overview. That's ideal."

Efficient reporting of malfunctions and service reques

One of the most revolutionary aspects of Verhart Groen’s use of Centix Online is the use of service forms. These forms enable employees to quickly submit malfunction reports and service requests using their mobile phones. After scanning the QR code, the employee can add videos and photos to show the problem or possible damage in detail. Linda says: “If something is defective, we can report it very easily through the malfunction form. Just scan the QR code and with that we get all the information. This way, I can see all the information right away.”

Immediate access to historical data

When scanning the QR code, you will not only see technical specifications and current information, but also an overview of historical data such as previously submitted reports. This enables staff to quickly understand what problems have occurred in the past and what solutions have been implemented. Nick says: “On my phone, I also see what the previous reports were. If no report has been made yet, I have to make one with a photo or video. Based on the report, the workshop chief looks at when they have to bring it in.”

Streamlining work processes

After submitting a request via Centix Online, it enters the system, where requests are carefully evaluated. Is the report urgent or can it wait? The system assigns the notification to the right person or team for follow-up. This could be an in-house mechanic or an external company. Using Centix Online has significantly improved communication and coordination, avoiding unnecessary delays and confusion.

Ultimate overview and convenience

Working with Centix Online has simplified the work of employees at Verhart Groen. All information, from registration to historical data and notifications, is stored centrally in a clear interface. This provides Verhart Groen with an an unmatchable level of oversight, which is crucial in an industry where time management and efficiency are paramount.

In short, the implementation of Centix Online has enabled Verhart Groen to streamline and optimise their operational processes. The use of QR codes, service forms and Centix Online’s clear interface has helped the company to work more efficiently, communicate better and respond to calls quickly and adequately. The green and civil engineering sector can take an example from Verhart Groen’s smart approach to technology to take work to the next level.

For more information on the Verhart Groen: Visit the Verhart Groen website.

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