Tristan: “I have really developed myself in the last two years.”

We’ve been building our business for many years, but who are the people who make it. What drives them and what makes their hearts beat faster? Meet Centix.


Let's introduce... Tristan Karssen

Tristan joined Centix over two years ago as a trainee. Not knowing exactly what he wanted, but searching. Within Centix, he was given the freedom to gain experience in several departments. He gained experience in sales, support and marketing. Now, his duties include support, the onboarding process of new employees and much more!

How did you end up at Centix?

“Two years ago, we had the final aftermath of corona. I had just graduated from the Higher Hotel School. A lot of things were closed and a lot was still uncertain. Where I had shouted at the beginning of my studies that I would love to start my own restaurant, I saw through my side job in the hospitality sector that it had a huge impact on your personal life. So in the end, I was sure I wanted to get out of the hospitality industry, but didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do next.”


“Ultimately, I had several options as my first job after completing my studies. I chose Centix! For me, Centix feels like a familiar environment, where I get the freedom to gain experience in several departments and, above all, experience what it’s like to work at a software company. I have now been here for more than two years and am really enjoying myself!”

What does your work day look like?

“Not a day is the same. Generally, I help customers with user questions around the software. I then watch along with customers via TeamViewer to get a good picture of the situation and then try to solve it immediately, if possible. To be able to help a customer is fulfilling. Especially when you hear from the customer that the problem has been solved or that they now know how to do it themselves. Besides the support work, I test the software and also print the QR codes for customers.”

“To be able to help a customer is fulfilling!"

What are your (personal) milestones at Centix?

“I found the User Day fantastic to experience. From my background, I am used to seeing people. I get much more out of that than from ‘plain’ text messages such as e-mail. In the beginning I had to get used to this, because the contact is mainly by e-mail or telephone in combination with TeamViewer. So you hardly ever see the customer. That’s precisely why I really enjoyed the User Day and the visit to Fire Service Twente!”


“A personal milestone for me surely is that I have really developed in the past two years. I notice that I now know more about what I want. For me, this work experience – learning how to work – is also really different from studying. I really like the fact that I received good support here at Centix right from the start. Making mistakes is allowed. As long as you learn from them.”

What can we wake you up for?

“In the end, it comes down to football. That is my biggest passion and hobby. I have been playing football since I was five and have been training since I was 16. This season, I will continue to get my coaching qualifications. I will follow the UEFA C Youth course, which is the continuation of a previous diploma. Of course, I will continue to play football myself in my team of friends.”

What do you say to someone considering applying for a job at Centix?

“Just do it! It is a pleasant company, where development is important. Here you can develop yourself and your own talents. Are there things you are not yet good at? Then you are given the space to improve them. You get plenty of freedom and responsibility, while at the same time you receive good guidance.”


“I would say: come and meet us and experience it for yourself! If you want to know more, send me a message on LinkedIn!

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