Testing of battery tools

We are regularly confronted with the comment: ‘we do inspect the battery charger, but not the battery tools because there is no connecting cable with a plug’. If we then ask whether another inspection is carried out on the cordless tools, the answer is often no. They are convinced that the battery tools do not need to be inspected. But that is incorrect! As prescribed by the Working Conditions Decree, all work equipment that is subject to influences to deterioration and give rise to the creation of dangerous situations, must be inspected periodically, with tests if necessary. This also applies to the battery tools.

Where previously cordless tools with charger and battery(s) were registered and delivered as one set, the various parts are now registered separately in Centix . This has two causes:

  1. The battery charger has a different approval than battery tools
  2. Most customers standardize battery tools so that there is interchangeability of batteries and the use of the charger is therefore for different battery tools.

Battery charger

The battery charger is tested according to the NEN 3140 with a device tester (also called PAT tester). In general, the complete test is performed with the device tester and a selection code indicates in the Centix Mobile App that the charger has been tested. At a later time (usually at the end of the day), the device tester is read out and the measurements processed in Centix. Because a selection code has been placed on the charger via the Mobile App, any errors in processing (such as incorrectly typing the object ID on the measuring instrument) can be found easily.

Battery tools

In Centix we have standard maintenance and inspection plans for the approval of the most common types of cordless tools. This is because the control points on an angle grinder are very different from those on a crosscut saw. The battery tool is visually inspected and, if necessary, with a functional test. With a QR code sticker you can easily identify the relevant cordless tool using the Centix Mobile app. You then start the inspection and go through the predefined questions quickly and easily. If there is a deviation, you can easily take a photo and add a note. Common deviations can even be selected from a list.


Some of our customers also register the batteries in Centix. Sometimes a maintenance and inspection plan is added to a battery*. Our advice is to also register a battery in Centix to keep a complete overview of the tools released .

*At Centix it is unknown in which cases an inspection and/or test of a battery is necessary. If you know the answer to that, we’d appreciate your contact .

Would you like to know more about the different applications of Centix for maintenance or inspections? Then view the applications of Centix.