Tessa: “I can grow at Centix. That is what I like about it”

Medewerker interview marketing- en communicatiemedewerker Tessa de Kuijper

We’ve been building our business for many years, but who are the people who make it. What drives them and what makes their hearts beat faster? Meet Centix.

Let's introduce... Tessa de Kuijper

She is a young and ambitious 24-year-old from Montfoort who completed her studies in Commercial Economics earlier this year. Tessa de Kuijper felt it was time for a significant career move, which led her to the marketing department at Centix, where she was warmly welcomed.

The marketing and communications employee explains why she applied for a job at Centix: “As a recent graduate, I don’t have much practical experience yet. What appealed to me about Centix was the corporate culture. The website stated that it is acceptable to make mistakes and that you are encouraged to grow. That’s exactly what I was looking for.”

"It felt more like an introduction than a traditional job interview."

An unexpected journey to Centix

She discovered Centix through the Montfoort Werkt recruitment website, an initiative that promotes local employment. She was attracted to the opportunities that Centix offered and decided to apply. Her application process turned out to be quite different from what she had expected. Tessa recalls, “It felt more like an introduction than a traditional job interview.” Following a positive meeting with product owner John, she was swiftly invited to join the team. Her journey at Centix began on July 10, immediately after her vacation.

Tessa, who had previously worked four days a week, comments, “I found the transition to a 40-hour work week surprisingly easy.” While she had enjoyed her previous, mostly administrative, work, she was eager to further develop herself in her field of study. She explains, “Marketing is an incredibly broad field, and at Centix, I have the opportunity to continue learning and apply my knowledge in marketing.”

Her quest for ambitions

Tessa is currently on a quest to discover her true passion within the field of marketing and communications. She values the diversity of her work at Centix, where she has the opportunity to tackle various aspects of marketing. Her latest interest lies in video creation, where she can indulge in creative endeavours. Beyond her work, she also enjoys engaging in marketing-related activities. “I recently designed posters for the Amsterdam City Swim and am working on a magazine featuring all the written articles of the event,” Tessa says enthusiastically. “A project for the team I was part of.”

She is determined to advance her skills in video creation, even though the learning process doesn’t always meet her impatient nature. “I’m naturally impatient,” she admits with a laugh. “But I love learning and exploring new things.” Tessa not only harbours career ambitions but also aims to stay socially involved. For instance, she participated in the Amsterdam City Swim and provides weekly language lessons to newcomers, a rewarding endeavour that brings her great satisfaction.

They truly encourage you to expand your skill set."

Why Centix appeals to her

What attracts Tessa most to Centix is the room she has for growth and learning. She explains, “In my first month, I expected to mainly observe and learn, but right from the start, I was entrusted with tasks of my own. I was quickly given the opportunity to take on responsibilities.” She values the confidence the company places in her to explore new things, even as a newcomer. “They truly encourage you to expand your skill set,” says Tessa. This is one of the reasons why she is now so passionate about her work at Centix. She feels a strong sense of belonging within the team, and her days seem to fly by. Ze voelt zich goed in het team en de dagen vliegen voorbij.

Future plans at Centix

In the near future, Tessa’s main focus will involve creating informative videos for Centix to better inform customers about the product. She is enthusiastic about delving further into marketing and improving the website, in addition to considering other exciting marketing and communication projects she may undertake.

What drives Tessa

In addition to her work, Formula 1 is a significant passion for the Montfoort native. She’s an avid fan, attending races and regularly tuning into Formula 1 podcasts. She expresses her enthusiasm, saying, “I have a genuine love for Formula 1, I mean the entire sport. I find Sundays without Formula 1 rather dull. In fact, I’ve already booked my next trip related to Formula 1.” Tessa also places importance on spending quality time with friends, relishes dining out, and is happily committed in her relationship.

Tessa’s journey at Centix has only just begun, yet her enthusiasm and dedication to learning foreshadow a promising future with the company. We eagerly anticipate witnessing her ongoing growth and the success stories she will undoubtedly contribute to Centix.

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