STORK cooperates with Centix to ensure quality and safety

"Centix has practical knowledge and translates that directly into a solution"

STORK provides global maintenance of industrial plants, such as chemical plants and energy facilities. The company has 17,000 employees worldwide, 2,500 of them in the Netherlands. STORK works with Centix for a couple of reasons: “Efficiency, ease of use and centralisation of operations.”

Situation before Centix: process improvement needed

Like Centix, STORK is ISO-certified. This means that the company must meet high standards in terms of security and service quality. The company joined forces with Centix in order to improve its processes. “The paperwork meant there was insufficient overview. That had to be solved,” says Technology Manager Tim Leferink. At the time the choice had to be made, the Rotterdam branch was already using Asset Management in Centix Office. At that time, the four STORK branches in the Netherlands and Belgium had their own working methods and checklists, despite doing the same inspections. As a result, inspections were not always carried out correctly or on time. STORK therefore decided to roll out Centix nationwide so that this could be centralised.


Development of custom-made workshop software
In addition, IRIS was later developed for the inspection & overhaul activities, including rotating equipment, fittings and electric motors. It records the entire overhaul process of, among others, thousands of valves, control valves and safety devices. For some time now, STORK has also been using tablets to simplify this process. Before the tablets were introduced, engineers and inspectors used to write everything down and then enter it into the computer. As a result, there was always a margin of error and it resulted in wasted time. Super Key User Eric Snopkowski explains that the tablets ensure that no mistakes can actually be made: “There are quite a few steps that you are obliged to go through, because otherwise you can’t proceed. Therefore, it is very user-friendly.”

Centix solution: registration and management

STORK has been working with Centix since 2016. The Dutch industrial maintenance company started with registration of work equipment in Centix: From there, specifically for the specialist unit, which deals with the overhaul of rotating equipment, electric motors, control valves, valves and safety devices, the customised solution IRIS was developed for workshop automation. This Centix solution is used to monitor the inspection & overhaul process in Stork’s workshops. This means that this equipment is first inspected and tested to make sure it is functioning properly. After this, the equipment is dismantled, cleaned and possibly reassembled with new parts, tested again and painted. This way, it can be used again for a number of years. Centix is busy developing new test bank software specifically for STORK. Everything that comes into STORK is tested before and after revision. Taking a picture is standard in this process. This whole process can be managed digitally with Centix software. STORK also uses Centix’s Mobile App for Lubrication Services. This records and reports online the periodic lubrication activities that Stork performs for its customers on location.





Advantages/ Results with Centix: Clarity and overview

  • Reliable data available to everyone online.
  • Work is more secure, efficient, centralised and paperless.
  • Clarity and overview:
    + Processes are in better order and, as a result, STORK delivers work of better quality
    + All assets are now registered online and are inspected on time
  • Improved customer service:
    STORK customers can check the revision process from testing to revision and return. This is the extra bit of customer service that STORK provides.
  • Centix provides a lot of valuable data that can be used for analysis to make the process even more efficient.
  • Based on this data, STORK can serve its customers even better by giving advice on the resources used.
  • STORK has built a good team around Centix. The advantage of centralised cooperation in a single system: everyone moves in the same direction.
“"The added value of Centix is that they know exactly how to apply their software to STORK's hardware. Centix understand the hardware we work with and how the software that is linked to our hardware. So they have the practical knowledge and together with our experts we can translate that into a software-based solution that works.”
Tim Leferink of STORK
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