STORK: “Centix has practical knowledge and translates that directly into a solution”

STORK is leading in integrated industrial projects and maintenance services in The Netherlands. The company provides global maintenance of industrial installations, such as chemical plants and energy facilities. STORK chose to work with Centix because it was simply no longer possible to keep track on paper. This applies to both asset management and process-based tracking of overhaul processes.

Centix Resource Management

"Great to get notifications as soon as assets need to be inspected"

From then on, all assets were registered in Centix, including inspection dates. Erwin van den Broek, application manager Asset Management at STORK says: “What appealed to us was the fact that you get notifications as soon as assets need to be inspected. We also saw potential. For example, the webshop functionality appealed to us.” This functionality is currently being utilised at STORK in Belgium for ordering tools that can be delivered by the warehouse. This applies to both rental and sales items. When the items are no longer needed, they can make a return request via Centix from the project site and then the items are collected again.” The webshop functionality works so well for STORK that they will also roll it out at STORK in Rotterdam.

National rollout and centralisation

STORK’s customers are mainly technical industrial companies. STORK manages resources in Centix for dozens of customers. Asset Management in Centix is mainly used for the registration and inspection of work equipment. The industrial service provider started with Asset Management at one location in Rotterdam, initially using Centix Office. When the employees commented that the handling of inspections was not optimal, it was time to re-assess the way of working. This showed that everyone was working with their own lists. There was pressure to centralise this, after which Centix Online was rolled out nationwide.


Equipment whose date of inspection is expired is hardly encountered at STORK anymore. “In any case, there are far fewer reports,” says Erwin. “This is also because we have more insight into the date when the inspection date expires. It makes working methods a lot easier, according to the application manager. In terms of centralisation, he is also enthusiastic. “Because we work in one system, it becomes easier for companies to approach each other to borrow resources, for example. The cooperation as well as the communication is better. You also see more easily what is happening at others.”

Centix Workshop software IRIS

"This works much safer for us because the margin of error is smaller"

From Asset Management, customisation project IRIS later emerged for workshop automation of inspections and overhauls. Centix was allowed to take on this project because, according to Super Key-User Eric Snopkowski, Centix scored on the following points: “Ease of use, inspection capabilities and presentation.” The workshop software IRIS is used for three disciplines: motors, rotating equipment and fittings. For equipment overhauls, STORK deploys tablets on the shop floor so that everything can be processed there. Eric says: “This works much safer for us because the margin of error is smaller. Previously, inspectors used to write it down, walk to the computer and enter the results. As a result, there were chances of errors and they lost more time walking back and forth to the computer and having to re-enter. Moreover, on the tablets, they have to go through certain checklists. If they accidentally skip a step, they cannot continue. So there are certain security features built in.”

Security and quality

Technology Manager Tim Leferink emphasises that both security and quality are very important to STORK. “It is and remains a priority for STORK to have and maintain good quality and safety processes. Together with efficiency and ease of use, this is the reason for us to work with Centix.” The reliability of source data for reporting is essential, which our customers also trust. We have created this together in recent years. At the same time, improvements are still needed, such as more user-friendly login. Together with Centix and our customers, we are continuously working on a more user-friendly environment,” Tim says. In his view, this has also allowed the system to evolve naturally. “The plan was to digitise. As a result, we are working with reliable data that has become available to our customers and colleagues online.”

Collaboration: setting up core team

STORK has set up a core team around Centix solutions. This core team ensures that knowledge and user experience remain guaranteed. Even if a Key-User drops out, for example. It also has the task of continuing to develop the software together with Centix on the basis of user needs. The IRIS core team consists of an application manager and a Super Key User (Eric Snopkowski). He is the main link between the core team and the users. “I get the feedback on the need that is there from the users,” he says. He is familiar with the software and the users. Finally, there is the Business Owner (Tim Leferink), who takes care of the resources, ensures there is a budget to keep investing and switches to higher management to make certain choices. Per discipline there is a Key-User, who is responsible for reporting the needs and challenges within his discipline in his region. In addition, there are testers in a core team. These can be the same people (as the Key-Users) or else they report to a Key-User. Tim says: “Two years ago, we didn’t have it set up like this. Back then, a local team was not represented everywhere and we had a less intensive collaboration with Centix. Then you get the consequence that people are not always aware of updates and there is less connection to the needs of the business. By setting up a good team, good lines of communication and clear processes, all key stakeholders are involved and we now have virtually no downtime. We have really improved this through better collaboration and communication with our colleagues, customers and Centix.”

For more information about STORK: Visit the STORK website.