What is Single Sign On ?

With Single Sign On, also known as SSO, a user only logs in once, after which he has access to all his available software. In addition to ease of use, SSO is mainly used to promote security.


Many people use SSO with Apps without realizing it. Many apps use a Google or Facebook account to log the user into the application. Business applications often use Azure Active Directory – SSO and Okta to facilitate SSO within the organization.

Single Sign On

How does Single sign On work in Centix?

SSO is offered as standard functionality in Centix. However, setting up and support is not included in the support contract. Of course it is possible to hire a Centix consultant to take care of the implementation together with your organization or to support any problems. Practice shows that problems that occur almost always have to do with implementation choices.


Setting up SSO in Centix consists of going through a wizard. In the wizard you can make choices to create a user with, for example, a standard security role and relationship. For example, a ‘read-only’ role on the internal organization or that ‘claims’ from the SSO provider determine which role and which relationship are linked.


When it is decided that the claim determines which relation is linked, it is possible that the relation or role is not known in Centix. In such cases, a user cannot be created and an error message is displayed.


Centix only supports identity providers with the type OpenID Connect (not to be confused with OpenID).