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Centix has more than 25 years of experience in asset management. Thanks to these years of experience, we have drawn up numerous best practices. Our specialists are happy to tell you more about this.

Optimal identification of your tools or equipment, efficient inspection at your customers, the best documentation of your rental fleet, tool rental at turnarounds or PAT-testing inspection using the Centix Mobile app.

We recommend that you always contact our sales department for new applications. They advise you optimally about the hardware and supplies to be used.

The importance of unique numbering

Unique numbering, every number is unique, right? This works slightly differently in Centix. Traditionally, many companies have “intelligence” in their item numbers. For example, the engraving of objects has largely been replaced by QR code stickers. This makes it easy to find information by using the smartphone in the workplace. Read the full article about the importance of unique numbering.
het uniek nummeren van objecten

Renumber your assets

Often the old numbers are still engraved in tools or equipment. We advise never to engrave numbers because you damage the housing of your tool, but to work with QR-code stickers. Are you a new customer or do you have Centix Office? Then we renumber.

What we do is put the ID in the barcode field. Centix has a specially developed script for this. We align the ID and barcode field so that it equals the engraved number. We then developed a best practice implementation to support you in this. This way you can find your tools or equipment in both fields. Work with unique numbers and request them with ease by scanning the QR code with Centix Mobile.

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Rental documentation

Simply and quickly provide documentation to the tenant with a QR code without logging in.
Convenience for your customers
With Centix you ensure that relevant documentation such as a most recent inspection certificate or a user manual is easily accessible to the tenant. And of course paperless!
Then how does it work?
The URL of the QR code contains a unique code which is different for each object. By scanning this combination, a special datasheet is shown. This datasheet can be adjusted at system level, so that you can determine for yourself which information is visible to your customer. This allows you, for example, to show data, the latest inspection certificate, technical drawings or perhaps even instruction videos.

Curious about the possibilities with Centix?

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Issuing tools at turnarounds

Especially for rental companies and other customers with the order module, we have developed an App. This allows the user to easily issue tools and equipment placed on a project or stop via an order.

The system works completely offline when the tools and equipment have been read in. People can be added in a fast and accessible way. For example, the access pass can even be linked to the added person so that the person can be found by means of a simple scan.

In this way, we even facilitate a solution behind the gate or location that leads to better insight, safer environments and effective and fast registration of your tools– and equipment management.

Multi-language support with Centix Online Basis

One default system language is set in Centix. This standard system language often depends on the spoken language within the organization. It is possible to make multiple languages available in the Centix Online Basis. Each user can set their preferred language and switch between up to seven languages. The standard components such as columns, filters and predefined fields are then translated. Everything the user enters (also called content) is not translated. Because Centix has a flexible menu structure, it is possible to create a menu bar per language.

Reports can also be translated. Again, the content is not translated. However, the translation of reports is specialist work for which you must be trained. It takes place in a report editor.