Licensing structure Centix

Centix Online is a complete, flexible and customer-oriented Asset Management Software solution that can be used in practically any branche. For our customers, we have set up a clear, fair, but above all affordable licensing structure. The Centix licensing model can be divided into two parts: licences for software modules (basic and additional) and licences for users. How Centix’s licensing structure works is explained on this page.

‘Clear, fair and above all affordable licensing structure’

Centix Online Basis

Our software solution starts with Centix Online Basis. In this licence you will find the most frequently used functionalities, which are sufficient for most companies. Centix Online Basis has the ability to manage objects, which you might call tools, equipment, machines or installations. There is no limit to the number of objects you may have in Centix. The number of relations and locations is also unlimited. Objects can be moved to a location, maintained, inspected and much more!

Additional modules

For some companies, a Centix Online Basis licence is not comprehensive enough. These companies have additional requirements, such as the possibility of order picking or digital work orders. For all these different requirements, Centix offers various extra modules, in other words additional licences. An extra module is an extension to the Centix Online licence. Almost all modules can be used separately, which means you only pay for the extra functionality your organisation requires. An extra module can be switched on and off. If you no longer require the extra functionality, you can simply deactivate the module in question.

The general modules are applicable for all types of branches. This includes multilingualism, competencies, and much more.

The trading module can be used for procurement, sales and rental products. The entire process from invoice to settlement is manageable in Centix.

With the work orders and ticketing module, your service organization is optimally set up from the workshop to scheduling technicians and much more.


A user is a person who has access to Centix Online by having a username, password and security role. A distinction is made between the security roles ‘limited’ user and ‘modify’ user.


Limited users have limited rights within Centix. This role is mainly used for customer portals, where the logged-in user is only allowed to view an object’s condition, manual or inspection certificate, for example. You can create an unrestricted number of limited users in Centix and have them log in (simultaneously), without incurring additional costs. This is because this type of user does not burden the software.


Different are the modify users (in computer language: concurrent users). Also, an unlimited number of this type of user can be created in Centix. An additional modify user can use all available modules. These so-called modify users are the people who work in Centix Online and – depending on the settings – carry out modifications. Unlike limited users, this type of user does burden the system. Because modify users burden the system, this type of security role works with user licences. You can read more about this under the heading ‘Modify user licences‘.

Modify user licences

Centix Online Basis standard includes one modify user licence. Is one modify licence enough for the customer or do they need more licences? Even before you purchase Centix, we provide an estimate of the number of licences required, depending on the application. For example, a construction company usually needs one user licence for every six modify users. Together with the customer, we ultimately determine how many modify licences will be purchased.


For example, if two people within an organisation have the role of a modify user, this does not necessarily mean that two user licences are required. This is because the number of licences is equal to the number of modify users who are regularly logged in simultaneously. Only when the two modify users are logged in at the same times over a longer period, two modify licences are needed.


It is important to us that our customers can continue their work anytime, anywhere. A modify user can therefore always log in to the Centix environment, even if more modify users are logged in simultaneously than the number of modify licences purchased.

Simultaneity measurement

As mentioned earlier, Centix does not limit the number of modify users that can be created. However, the simultaneous online use of these users is taken into account. Based on the simultaneous use, the number of required modify user licences is determined. Centix logs from when to when a user was logged into Centix Online. If a user does not actively log out in the Centix environment, there is a default session time – usually 20 minutes – after which the user is automatically logged out.


An analysis of the number of modify user licences takes place every month. For the analysis, data from all Centix Online environments are processed anonymously to create an overview. Centix uses algorithms to calculate how many modify user licences are active. These are different numbers from those you see in your own Centix Online environment. This is because we dampen the number of licences by including in the algorithms that there may be an exceeding of the number of licences several times a day and several days a week. For example, if you have two peak moments in a day, Centix will therefore not count it that way.


So how do we measure that a customer has ‘too many’ modify users logging in simultaneously? If there are at least eight days in a month where there are too many simultaneous users logged in for at least three hours, then you have exceeded the number of modify user licences.

Adjusting the number of user licences

Each quarter, we look at whether the monthly analyses result in an increase or decrease of the number of required modify user licences. For this, we look at the trend and not at one specific month in which there was a peak, for example. In case of frequent overruns, we send a proposal to adjust the number of modify user licences. The number of licences is only increased in consultation with the customer.


We will never block access to Centix when the number of licences is exceeded. The philosophy behind this is that certificates, security documents and suchlike should always be retrievable.