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Our entry-level configuration has extensive capabilities and offers a complete package to provide a solution for every diverse industry. There are no limitations on the number of objects or users, and it includes one simultaneous modify user license. See what Centix Online Basis has to offer below!

The possibilities with Centix Online Basis

The Centix Online Basis configuration has a wide range of functionalities, which means that it can be used in all industries. View all functionalities and the applicability of Centix Online Basis to your business processes below.

Asset Management

A complete overview of all your tools, equipment, installation and machines. Insight into condition, location, datasheet or maintenance & inspection history. Perform a new inspection or make a service request.

Location management

Get insight into where all your assets are located. Easily move assets with, among other things, the Centix Mobile App between warehouses, the yard, employees, vehicles, vessels, or projects.

Maintenance and Inspections

Centix Online Basis has three types of maintenance. Corrective maintenance with service requests. Preventive maintenance with inspection and maintenance schedules and usage-based maintenance with meter readings.

Read out measuring instruments

When you have carried out NEN 3140 inspections, you can have the measurement of your measuring instrument read out in Centix. After reading out, the state of the asset is updated and a standard report is created.

Centix Mobile

The Centix Mobile App has been developed for carrying out any type of maintenance or inspection, at the customer or in the workshop. You can work both online and offline and it is simple to use. Quickly and easily identify, move or approve assets with QR code stickers.

Your own web application

With Centix, your organization has its own web environment which you can configure to your liking with your own recognizable style. Easily manage access for the different users from customer, engineer to admin.

Meter readings

Set a measurement value per object. The measurements of, for example, mileage and operating hours can be recorded and viewed in a dashboard. Optionally linked to an API.

Multiple languages

It is possible to make multiple languages available in the Centix Online Basis. Each user can set their preferred language and switch between up to seven languages.

Technical lifespan

Define in advance for each asset type the maximum lifespan in which it can technically function and must be replaced. This functionality prevents unnecessary maintenance and unsafe situations.

Partner/API Link

With the standardized partner plug-ins it is possible to integrate Centix seamlessly with other applications. You also have access to the Centix open API or you can have your own custom plug-in made.

Centix Mobile

The use of Centix Mobile App is included in our basis package and is our most used app.

Objectoverzicht in Centix

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Licensing structure

Our software solution always starts with Centix Online Basis. This licence includes the most frequently used functionalities, which are sufficient for most companies. With Centix Online Basis comes one modify user licence. If you have multiple modify users, this does not necessarily mean that you need to purchase multiple licences. The number of user licences is equal to the number of modify users that are regularly logged in simultaneously.

If the number of modify user licences is exceeded, we never block access to the Centix environment. The philosophy behind this is that certificates, security documents, etc. should always be retrievable. However, if the number of licences is frequently exceeded, we do make a proposal to adjust the number of licences.

Additional modules

The Centix Online Basis configuration is an extensive package. It is possible to add extra functionalities to the Centix Online basis configuration to suit every industry and specific situation. Almost all modules can be used separately and can be used for the number of users you wish!

The general modules are applicable for all branches.

This includes multilingualism, competences and much more.

The trading module can be used for purchasing, sales and rental products.

The entire process from invoice to settlement is manageable in Centix.

With the work orders and ticketing module, your service organization is optimally set up.

From workshop to scheduling technicians and much more.