Work order app

The service team is directly managed by the planning board in Centix Online by your backoffice staff. The mechanics in the field can register their work offline on a mobile device with the Work Order App. However, if they synchronize with Centix Online, they immediately see the work orders that they have to carry out that day or week. The planning board automatically shows the progress of the service team each time they synchronise. The Work Order App keeps track of the actions of the mechanic and helps to register the time spent per action in a smart way.

Not only the Work Order App show the work orders to your mechanic, you can also view your planning, the stock of your warehouse and a self customizable dashboard. In addition, you can easily register travel times, distance and material consumption.

The Centix apps can be downloaded for free in the Google Playstore or in the IOS App store.

The Centix Work Order app

View and navigate through the Work Order App.


The dashboard provides insight into the most important data and a quick navigation to the pending work order. Via the settings in the app you can choose with which page the Work Order App should start. Most customers opt for the dashboard, but it can also be adjusted to the planning or work orders.


A calendar view with a day or week planning can be shown in the App. Keep an overview of the week or day and see which work orders are planned. Simply open the work orders from the schedule to view the details.

Work orders

Here you see an overview of the work orders that have been planned on your name. You can sort them by date, ID or zip code. You can also put a filter on it. The most important information such as the number of workflow items, fixed time appointment, etc. is shown in the overview. Has the planning been adjusted by the planner? After synchronizing the Work Order App shows the changes automatically. 

Active work order

There is only one work order ‘open’ at the same time, which is shown by the unlocked lock at the top right side of the screen. The navigation and telephone can easily be operated via the clickable address and telephone number. The green buttons display additional functions such as the signature and packing slips. For each workflow item there is a line in the bottom area which can be opened and edited. 


Many of our customers have recurring activities that they want to be able to register easily with a few steps as possible! Tanks to the functionalities of Centix, lists with frequently occurring activities are available for each workflow item. Completely set up according to your own wishes of course!


Time registration

User-friendliness in optimal form! The app itself keeps track of the time until which the technican has registered his hours. If a technican has multiple hour types at his disposal, he can choose from an hour type list. Does the mechanic have an assistant mechanic with him? Then the mechanic can also register his hours for the other mechanic

Materials registration

It is possible to register the used materials (products) in the app. In this case, stock from the machanic’s warehouse, for example his service van, as well as from another warehouse can be used. Depending on the settings, the materials used are booked or invoiced on a project. 



Maintenance and inspections

Carry out inspections with our Work Order App, the inspections are arranged in such a way that they can be carried out quickly and easily. Standard answers have been formulated so that the user does not have to type much. Deviation during the inspection? Pictures can be taken in a simple way and provided with arrows, circles. Add a note and on the next one! 

Loading and unloading

With the loading and unloading option you can see which goods need to be picked up. Remains of ‘jobs’ can also be unloaded to the return (via the Logistics App) to a central warehouse. 







Messaging allows you to send emails to predefined email addresses. For example, you can send a message to the planning, techinical consultation, or the lead. This function is often used to communicatie with colleagues outside the work order. The big advantage is that the data about the work order, the workflow item or the relevant object are automatically send along. 

The Centix Work Order app

View and navigate through the Work Order App.

Download the Centix Work Order app

The App is available for Android and IOS

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