Centix Mobile app

With the Centix Mobile App you can access your equipment, tools, installations or machines anywhere and anytime with a tablet or mobile phone. You can use the Centix Mobile app, for example, to easily see which equipment is located at a location and simply request the relevant data. Whether you are going to carry out maintenance or an inspection, need to move your equipment or tools quickly, or request a certificate, you can manage it all with the Centix Mobile App. Because the Centix Mobile app works both offline and online, you always have access to your data.

The app is often used for maintenance and inspection work to perform the work with standard checklists. But also for equipment and tool management to move them to the right projects, employees or vehicles. The Centix apps can be downloaded for free from the Google Playstore or the IOS App store.

No internet available?

Don't worry, with Centix Mobile your employees can continue to perform inspections. When the internet is available again, the data is synchronized with the Cloud.

Using the Centix Mobile App

View and navigate through the Centix Mobile App.


On the start screen you can easily download the correct customer relationship and the latest data before you start carrying out your work. With the search bar or the scan function you can quickly find the right customer relationship. This makes it possible to work offline, in an area without an internet connection. As shown in the image, there is one more change to sync here.


You can easily navigate to the right locations on the relationship screen. For example, there are several locations for each customer, such as a warehouse, various vehicles, construction site, etc. Via the objects button you can navigate to all ‘objects’/tools and/or equipment registered with this relation. By clicking the sync button you update the database with all your changes.


‘Objects’, in Centix the collective name for tools, equipment, installations or machines. In this overview you have a simple overview of all objects present, the condition and the validity date. You can quickly and easily search for (or create) objects by scanning a QR-code sticker or using the search bar.


You can divide your customer/relationship into different locations. Here you can retrieve the objects for each location. This way you can carry out all your work in phases and you always know where the tools/material is located. The image shows the different location types such as vehicle, warehouse, building, which are present at the customer.

Object datasheet

You have all (technical) data at your disposal on the object datasheet. But from here you also run a new maintenance and inspection plan, immediately move the object, add it to the move basket, perform an unscheduled inspection, attach a new maintenance and inspection plan or request the inspection history (certificates).
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Maintenance and Inspection

After you start a maintenance and inspection plan a predefined and standard checklist opens. By ticking off you can quickly and easily go through this checklist. Deviation? Add a note and photograph and select a standard deviation from the list. Then complete the inspection. The certificate is created.

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Standard maintenance & inspection checklists

We have many standard maintenance and inspection plans and associated reports for both visual and electrical inspections. The image shows a certificate generated with a standard Centix inspection of a construction ladder.

Download the Centix Mobile app

The App is available for Android and IOS

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