Centix Logistics app

With the Centix Logistics App you can manage your logistics flows. An order can be created in Centix from various angles. For example from the web shop, when a contractor or a customer orders something. But an order can also arise from a quote request. When the planner creates a pick list for this, it appears in the Centix Logistics App.

The Centix Logistics App facilitates both outgoing flows of equipment and tools, for example, and incoming flows (returns). In addition, the desk employee can also create a ‘direct’ order so that what he gives is picked immediately and registered on the recipient.

The Centix apps can be downloaded for free from the Google Playstore or the IOS App store.

Download the Centix Logistics app

The App is available for Android and IOS

Using the Centix Logistics App

View and navigate through the Centix Logistics App.


On the start screen, you have an overview of the pending work. By clicking on the synchronize button in the top right corner, you will receive new pick lists or process them. From the overview, you can quickly navigate to active and open pick lists; you can easily create a direct order when, for example, someone is at the counter or when you process returns. It is also possible to pick or return material for work orders.


From the navigation screen you will arrive at the pick lists. Open pick lists are displayed here. The progress of the number of products to be picked is shown per list. At the top right you can synchronize and apply filters. When you open a pick list, you can view the equipment or tools to be picked. With the scan option you pick easily and quickly and then process the pick list. A packing slip is created.


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Would you like to give something directly from the counter? Use the order button to borrow tools or other resources. Scan the object, inspect it if necessary, and hand it over to the relevant employee. Prepare a packing slip and have the employee sign for receipt. The packing slip is emailed and the resources are immediately registered.
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Do you want to return equipment directly to the counter? Use the return button to collect the employee’s resources or tools. Scan the object or select from the employee’s list of available resources. Inspect if necessary, give an action and take it back. After collection, they are available again at the warehouse location for issuing.
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Manage tools

Materieel- en objectbeheer

Approval of tools


Tool applications


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