Everything about the connections in Centix.


Centix uses all kinds of different connections to be able to link, e-mail and use Centix. More about these different connections can be found on this page.

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Data center IP addresses

Do you use IP filtering within the organization?
Then it might be useful to whitelist our IP addresses.

The following IP addresses are currently used: up to up to

Last updated on 8/12/2021


Since July 2021, an API is supported with a Centix Online Basic package. With an API it is possible to send data from Centix to another package and vice versa.


An API is also used when preparing management reports and linking with packages that do not have a standard link.

Own mail server

Centix provides a mail server which is set up in the online configuration upon delivery. Because many e-mails are sent from Centix with the same subjects and texts, it is possible that the IP address or the sender is blocked.

We therefore recommend using your own mail server. The mail server is easy to set up via the system tasks.

Use your own URL

Centix creates a separate configuration for each customer, which gets its own URL with the format: For commercial reasons, some customers do not want the users of their Centix portal to see this URL. You can then choose your own name for the URL, such as: This can be achieved by applying a DNS CNAME record with an additional SSL certificate.


DNS CNAME record: A CNAME record is a type of record within the DNS (Domain Name System). With a CNAME record you can make a reference to an A record (A record alias). Such a DNS record must be set up by your own organization (or possibly an external ICT service provider). In general, that’s a few minutes of work. By arranging a CNAME record, the URL will look like this:


SSL certificate: Centix only accepts secure web traffic (HTTPS). An SSL certificate must be set up for the extra URL for this. If this does not happen, an error message will appear in the browser when the site is accessed via https://service We recommend having the SSL certificate delivered and installed by our Support. There are a limited number of types of certificates that Centix works with. This ensures that the correct certificate is used for your own domain. Prefer to do it yourself? Please contact our support to request the certificate types.