Centix support

You can use various tools, documentation, and downloads on this support page. Centix releases a new update every two weeks, and release notes are written for this, which can be read via the button below.

In addition, our support engineers are available for our customers five days a week. To provide you with the best possible service, Centix uses Remote support. This can be downloaded via the button below. Finally, the system requirements set for Centix Online Basis are shown via the last button.


User and technical manuals

Release notes

You can read the differences compared to the previous version of each version that has been released here

System requirements

Do you use the Centix in the ‘purchase variant’ in your own environment? You can read the system requirements that we set for that environment here.

Remote support

With the help of Teamviewer, Centix can offer support by taking over a computer, smartphone or tablet


Watch the latest training videos on Centix.


Centix uses all kinds of different connections to be able to link, e-mail and use Centix.

Secured environment

For our customers there is a secure environment where they can download OI plans, reports or manuals.

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