Implementation of Centix

A total software solution for the management of equipment, tools and installations.

During the implementation of Centix, our experienced consultants give your employees professional advice and training about our software, so that you or your employees are able to use Centix software in the best possible way!

After becoming enthusiastic about Centix, you can submit your request by phone or email. Our sales department receives this request and makes an appointment with you to schedule a demonstration of our software.

Our demonstrations are often given remotely via Microsoft Teams. We do this to save travel times and for your and our efficiency. By working with Microsoft Teams, we give you the same quality demonstration as when we visit you. Depending on your request, a demonstration takes between half an hour and an hour and a half. As a result of the demonstration, a demo account will be created for you to further immerse yourself in Centix.

Quote & order
During the demonstration, an estimate is made of the desired functionalities in Centix, hardware and extra accessories, implementation and possible migration of data. After you have approved and signed the quotation, the order will be processed by us. After that, a final validation will take place of the modules required and other details and then an intake meeting will be scheduled.

During the intake interview, the project is discussed via Microsoft Teams. An implementation plan will be drawn up together with you.

This implementation plan will be shared with you so that you can add changes if necessary. Depending on the modules required, an intake interview lasts between half an hour and an hour. You will receive a link to the implementation plan the same day. Do you have any comments or suggestions? Then you can add it to the implementation plan yourself.


After the intake meeting, the implementation takes place in most cases via Microsoft Teams. In case the Centix Online Basic meets your requirements and no additional modules are needed our consultant spends approximately 1 to 2 days setting up the environment together with you.

In many cases you can start working with Centix after the first day. The second day is spent on aftercare and fine-tuning. As a rule of thumb we keep that 1 day for an implementation consultant means three days of work for you. Our consultant keeps track of his activities in the implementation plan and explains what you need to do to further set up the environment. When the implementation has been completed you are fully informed and you are able to use our Centix software!

A proven practical implementation approach

With our many years of experience, we have developed a practical and efficient implementation approach. We have complete installations available for many situations, which means that the implementation can often be standardised. With a clear phasing and a clear implementation plan, which is made in consultation with the customer, everyone knows what to expect.

Progression through optimisation

Centix listens to our customers, where your input is highly valued and included in the development of new functionalities. Every two weeks Centix releases a new update with numerous adjustments and functionalities. Even after the implementation has been completed, it is important to stay informed of new developments. You can keep up to date with these developments by checking out our release notes.

To ensure that your processes run as smoothly as possible, we recommend hiring a consultant once or twice a year. They help you with the latest functionalities to arrange your processes as optimally as possible. This way you can continuously improve your organisation with Centix.