René: “It feels good when I can make a difference for our industrial clients”

We’ve been building our business for many years, but who are the people who make it. What drives them and what makes their hearts beat faster? Meet Centix.

Let's introduce... René Dautzenberg

René Dautzenberg works at Centix as a consultant. He originally comes from industry giant STORK, where he was, among other things, the lead in the implementation of Centix Asset Management. So he has known Centix for some time and knows very well how it is used in practice. That practical knowledge comes in handy for Centix customers. “The strength of Centix is that it employs people who really know their stuff. They know how things work on the shop floor.”

When he started at Centix two years ago, a world opened up for him. “Producing software is also a production process: from the whole preparation phase to testing and implementation. This process is comprehensive. Every detail, every zero, dot and comma matters. It is quite impressive how that works within Centix. How such an extensive process can be so stable. I am proud of my colleagues who really work at a high level and know what they are doing.”


What does your work day look like?

“Sometimes I have conversations scheduled with clients. Sometimes there’s something going on at a client that needs my immediate attention. There are also regularly complex challenges to face and issues to work out. A big part of my working time exists of working out new functionality that we still want to add. During breaks, we often have walks. Occasionally I visit clients. That’s always a lot of fun. Then you know what you’re doing it for, what the software is used for. I especially enjoy looking into the kitchen of new clients that choose to work with us. It is also interesting to see what a customer’s business process looks like. How it runs and what we can respond to.” 

What are your highlights in working at Centix?

“I like the train I got on. The one of international rollout and focus on the industry. In addition, I got to deal with making the onboarding process more efficient. I also like the fact that in my role – with my knowledge and experience I can do more for industry clients. These are great developments. It’s hard to pick out one thing as a highlight.  Seeing Centix literally grow here in Urmond (Centix second home base) is also a nice development. From one person (myself) we went to three now. I consider it a privilege to be able to help shape Centix. Before I joined, Centix was still a Montfoort party. Now they have Limburg,” he says with a wink. “Speaking of highlights, the team outings are always a success too!”

"Speaking of highlights, the team outings are always a success too!"

What is your background / education?

“I studied Applied Physics at the Hogeschool in Heerlen. I was an intern at STORK at the time. I stayed there for about 18 years and had various roles including project leader and operations manager.  After that I was mainly involved in national innovation projects, sometimes with an international touch. During that time I came into contact with Centix. Initially for Asset Management and later for a workshop solution that monitors the overhaul process. The move to Centix was ultimately a logical next step for me.”


Where do you come from?

“I live in South Limburg. I was born and raised in this area. For eleven years I lived in Germany just across the border, now I have been living in Voerendaal for eight years with great pleasure. It is especially nice that it is not so flat here: just beautiful, varied landscape with many hills. In addition, it is centrally located: you can still get to Germany and Belgium pretty quickly.”

What do you like to do when you're not at work?

“I have a garden, in which I can be found a lot when the weather is good. In the garden like to grow vegetables and have been creating a Japanese garden for seven years. The culture and architecture of Japan appeals to me. I live with my girlfriend. We both also have a thing for traveling. If we can, we take a trip outside and inside Europe every year. We never go anywhere all-inclusive, but like to take trips to non-obvious destinations. We’ve already been to North Korea, for example. You hear all kinds of things about countries like that, but you never know exactly what’s going on unless you go and see for yourself. In my spare time I also spend a lot of time walking and cycling. I am also the secretary of the neighborhood association. That also takes up a lot of my time, because we organize all kinds of events for the neighborhood throughout the year. It is a small village where we live. Then it’s nice that some entertainment is provided. I also like to go to performances, cabaret and theater. I like very diverse types of music, especially not the mainstream. From Mongolian throat singing to classical music. A little variety in life, is nice.”