Rosita: “I obviously have the nicest colleagues!”

We’ve been building our business for many years, but who are the people who make it. What drives them and what makes their hearts beat faster? Meet Centix.



Let's introduce... Rosita Mink

It’s celebration time at Centix, as sales employee Rosita Mink celebrates 25 years of employment! “Quite an achievement,” in her opinion. She has really seen the company grow (up) and is proud to work as part of it. “We started small with about seven people and grew to 25. Young people bring innovation to the company, which also helps us keep up with the times.”

Rosita has been the Jack-of-all-trades all these years. “I used to always say: ‘At our company, development and ICT work is done and everything else that needs to be done alongside that, I do’. Whether that was invoicing, welcoming guests, answering the phone or making offers.” Rosita doesn’t turn her hand to it. Now occasionally customers still get her on the line when they call, but her focus is mainly on sales and invoicing. “My work is very varied. Especially the contact with customers is fun.”

What's so great about Centix?

“In recent years, Centix has been professionalising, giving everyone their own tasks. With me, this is more administratively oriented. I started full-time. At one point, I took Friday off. When child number one came along, that became two working days. Now I work 19 hours a week.” The fact that she has been working happily at Centix for so long – and has only called in sick once in all that time – is with good reason: “I obviously have the nicest colleagues!” Rosita says she really enjoys the atmosphere in the team. In recent years, there has also been more focus on team building. For instance, we have had fun getaways. Even to London, Barcelona and Ibiza. Friday afternoon drinks or a barbecue with the team are also great fun. Then you get to speak to your colleagues in a slightly different way.”

What developments have you experienced?

“When I just started, we had a computer with Word and Excel. At my previous employer, we still made invoices by hand. Accounting was just a bit basic in the computer. We also used to easily go through a box of paper a month. Now I still make the occasional draft on paper, but the piles of paper and binders are a thing of the past. Developments around the computer are going fast. I like the fact that we work with many young people, because I learn a lot from them. I still find it remarkable that you can work from home these days. Who had ever thought of that before? A computer was already special, but that you can do it from home!”

"In recent years, Centix has made a move towards professionalisation"

What do you like to do in your free time?

Rosita regularly goes out with friends. For instance, she likes to celebrate carnival. “That’s really something big in Montfoort. The advantage of having more people here now is that there are now also colleagues among us who don’t like carnival. Then it is no longer such a hassle to arrange time off.” Rosita has two girls aged 12 and 17, Fleur and Noa, and is usually busy at Montfoort Hockey Club. There, she is active as chairman of the youth committee and organises activities for youth under 18: “From the evening, a bowling afternoon to Sinterklaas for the little ones. I am also still active in Fleur’s team this winter season, which I enjoy doing.” The busy hockey mother is not always out and about, by the way. Rosita also enjoys sitting at home on the couch with a book, doing puzzles or board games with the family. “I do that in my spare time, in addition to my duties as an interior cleaner,” she says with a broad smile.

What do you have with Montfoort?

Rosita says: “I was born and raised in Montfoort. My family and friends live in Montfoort and I work in Montfoort. My boyfriend is also from Montfoort. We have been living together and have been together since 1988. We met when I was 17 and stuck together. We celebrated our 30th anniversary in 2018. That’s when we went on a wonderful trip to Spain.”

What's left on your bucket list?

Rosita doesn’t necessarily have a bucket list, but prefers to just enjoy life as it comes. “The little things in life.” She also likes travelling! “But it never gets around to it… For holidays, we usually look for something accessible by car, like southern France, Spain, Italy and Croatia. We then like to ‘get nice and curious’ everywhere together. We stroll around a town and look at all different things. We are not those people who just lie on our backs in the sun. This year, what we will do, we don’t know yet.”