Procurement, sale & rental

Create invoices, quotes and manages your order flows for both sales and rental products. With Centix you always have a perfect overview of your order flows. There are specific functions for different user groups, such as a webshop and extensive order entry for back office employees. On this page you will find the following modules:
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Rental & sale items


Centix distinguishes between sales and rental products. There are numerous setting options and industry-specific applications for both types, such as a buy-back scheme. All common rate schedules can be configured and used for the rental products. In addition, the products are also used in environments where many of the same brand/type of objects are registered. The ‘content management’ consisting of images and documents such as manuals is then linked to an object via the product. As a result, content only needs to be managed once for many objects.

Bundled products


No more hassle with ordering multiple products, with one product you can create bundles of different products. These bundles are ordered as one product, how simple is that?!



Do you have a product with which consumables or accessories can be ordered? With this module you let your customers order the right accessories and there are additional sales opportunities.



By adding alternatives, a user can immediately choose an alternative if there is insufficient stock. But the list is also used in the picking process, for example, so that the order picker can see what alternatives are available for the unavailable product.



Centix’s procurement module manages the entire procurement process. From an order advice, to procuring, receipt to reconciliation of the invoice. And this can be arranged per warehouse with modern options such as drop shipments.



You need the inventory module to manage and monitor the stock of consumables. The stock module provides a registration per warehouse location. It is possible to manage the stock levels per warehouse.



Centix’s order module manages the rental and sale of your products. From a request to quotation and complete order processing. The order module includes a Logistics App with which you can effortlessly pick your orders in a modern and efficient way. The module consists of:

  • Orders (back office for employees)
  • Webshop
  • Picklist management
  • Shipment/packing slip management
  • Return Management

Price lists


The price list contains a price or discount that applies to a particular project, customer, or contract. Record discounts on the product, product category and at the order level. In addition, price scales can be created based on numbers.

Order and freight cost tables


Order cost tables are used to create graduated scales for extra costs on ‘small’ orders. The order costs are set per delivery region and can be activated per customer. The freight cost tables are set per order or shipment and increase in costs in a table that is plotted on total weight.

Couponnen / Store Credit


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With the invoicing module you can easily manage your orders, work orders, workflow items and contracts. It is possible to invoice or pass an invoice on to your internal organization. The invoices are then sent to the customer and forwarded to your accounting.

Working days & working hours


Workable day schedules and working time schedules are created with this module. The module supports rental orders and the workflow modules, including the planning board. For the rental module it is important to record which days the rental price must be calculated. Rents are generally not charged on public holidays and weekends. With the workflow modules, it is important for planning to know whether a day is workable, but also what the breaks are on a day.


Workable day schedule

Indicate which days of the week are workable. It is also possible to specify dates of non-workable days. A distinction is made here between dates that are not workable for each year, such as January 1, and dates that are not workable ‘once’.


Working hours

Create working time schedules with start, break and end time.

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