Partner links & plugins

A partner link or plug-in is created by using an API when you want to link yourself or a supplier. We also have various plug-ins available. By using this, Centix Online is extended. We make a difference between partner links and custom plug-ins. A partner link is established by working together with an external software supplier. A custom plug-in is specially developed on request. Partner links and plug-ins are only available for Centix Online.

Below are descriptions of a number of partner plug-ins including AFAS and Snelstart. The operation and data exchange are described here. The listed partner plugins are the most commonly used. A partner link is made jointly with the relevant partner. In addition, there are agreements about keeping the link up-to-date.

If you are interested, please contact us and we will provide you with the correct information.


Afas logo
An extensive link with Profit with a ‘special interest’ for construction companies.

Exact Online

Exact logo
Our most commonly used link, so it can be optimally fitted through an extensive set of settings.

Exact Globe

Exact logo
Do you work with Exact’s OnPremise software? Centix has a Plug-in that links seamlessly to Exact Globe.

KING Software

King software logo
With the link with King Software (formerly Muis) you can link your service and rental administration from Centix to King software.


4PS plug-in
The link has mainly been developed for equipment services. The equipment is completely kept only in Centix.


Snelstart logo
The link is how Snelstart works. Fast, efficient and effective.


This link has been created especially for civil engineering companies.

Fluke MetCal / Metteam

Fluke logo
This software is widely used in calibration labs. This allows the calibration reports to be sent to Centix.

Software Gemak Multivers

Software Gemak logo
A complete and user-friendly accounting package from Software Gemak. Centix supports the On premise variant.