Patrick, at Centix for 26 years: “It is dynamic and we are growing, I like that.”

Lead Developer Patrick van Oostrum

We’ve been building our business for many years, but who are the people who make it. What drives them and what makes their hearts beat faster? Meet Centix.

Let's introduce... Patrick van Oostrum

He was born and raised in Montfoort. Patrick van Oostrum is also a Centix’er from the very beginning. He has been working at Centix (formerly Staro) for 26 years. He likes it. He came in as an intern with a graduation project, developing software suitable for asset management in the construction industry. It partly became the basis for today’s Centix, smart software for registration and management of materials, tools and installations.

Over 20 people are working hard at Centix. The company continues to grow and is also spreading its wings internationally. This is what Patrick likes about his work: “It doesn’t stand still. There is always something happening. It is dynamic and we are growing, I like that. It is also innovative. After all, we are always working on improvements: how to make it even more user-friendly, even clearer for our customers. Tinkering with code and drawing up procedures for this is something I enjoy doing.”

What has changed at Centix?

From asset management in construction, Centix has become increasingly broader. “We have gone into the management side. In all that time, it has become much more professional, with team departments, stand ups, scrums and so on. From Centix 3, we went to Centix 4. That turned the whole software on its head. We went back to the drawing board and started all over again. We rebuilt everything from scratch. In the very beginning, Centix was built from Microsoft Access, later from Visual Basic. If we were working in this at the same time, some code was occasionally overwritten by each other. Now that will never happen again. Previous versions simply remain, and can always be retrieved, if necessary.”

What are you proud of?

When he started his graduation project here, he did not expect to stick around for so long. Of course, he is proud that, in a way, his graduation project was used as the basis for Centix. “That was a piece of software for equipment management, which is still there in the basics.” Patrick is otherwise modest about his role. “I just like doing my thing and making sure the code gets better.” He is very proud of the team, though. “If you look at the customers we have, and how we still manage to create software that suits their needs with a relatively small team. We manage to pull it off. From sales to consultancy, development and support. It is quite amazing that with such a team we serve around 300 customers (300 user environments). Also if you look at what kind of companies they are. They are often companies that have departments larger than our own.”

What's nice about Montfoort?

Montfoort is where he has his roots, his life. That he also has his work in his hometown is ideal for him, because in theory he can cycle to work every day. “This is where I went to football, was involved with the carnival. All my friends live here. Even my girlfriend, with whom I have now lived together for 27 years, is from here.” Together they have two children (aged 14 and 17). Patrick still plays football. “No more matches, though,” he says with a wink. “Just training sessions. Actually, I like a lot of sports, but mostly to do by myself. I also like to go on winter sports, but because of the carnival, that does not always happen.”

"Don't dick around and just do your thing."

What's on your bucket list?

Patrick loves to travel. He tells how not so long ago he took a faraway trip to Sri Lanka. “That was when my parents were married for 50 years. We really wanted to go to Sri Lanka with the whole family, looking for a combination of peace and nature. A place where we could have our way with three different families. That trip gave me so many eye-openers. Among other things, it made me realise how good we have it here. I am grateful for that. All in all, I have little to wish for. Maybe one day my motor licence. I always said I would get that one day. I don’t know if that is still possible. I don’t think my better half would agree. Other than that, a fancy trip someday? For now, I enjoy holidays with the children, while they are still with me. I am a happy and satisfied person with a no nonsense mentality: don’t dick around and just do your thing.”