Nijmegen municipality uses Centix to register tools and materials efficiently

The Municipality of Nijmegen manages approximately 1,800 assets in Centix and also records the maintenance and issuance of materials to field service employees in it. “With Centix we have direct insight and overview of all our materials,” said Ellen Marcusse of the Municipality of Nijmegen. “As a result, things run smoothly for us.”

Situation before Centix: Excels and folders

The Municipality of Nijmegen asked Centix to manage the issuance of all its materials. Ellen Marcusse, employee business administration, was asked to pull the project. She did so in cooperation with Gerrie Wijers, operational manager at the municipality of Nijmegen. “We wanted to have a picture: what do we buy and what do we lend and to whom? We use Centix so purely as a warehouse inventory system. In which we still have not everything registered.” 


A challenge for the municipality of Nijmegen was the cultural change that came with implementing Centix. “We went from paper to digital. This is in any case more difficult for the older generation who had to learn to work with it. Instead of writing it down, we now put it in a system. We have been working on this for a year and a half.” Gerrie Wijers says: “Previously, not everything that was spent was noted. As a result, the municipality of Nijmegen came to a difference of 10,000 euros each year between what was put on paper and what was actually in stock.” Ellen says: “A lot of things got lost. Now that it’s all tracked as much as we can, this is a lot less.” 


Solution from Centix: Overview

With Centix, the Municipality of Nijmegen can easily record what materials are used. “Old materials have been cleaned up,” says Gerrie. “There is a better overview. Before, people just grabbed anything. Now I can ask afterwards: what are you doing with those tools or those gloves? Why are we ordering more of one thing than another? This is not to control how the guys work, but to keep an eye on where things go. With Centix, we can keep a minimum inventory. For that, I no longer have to go to the warehouse workers to ask how much we still have or need? That way I know if I need to reorder or not.” The system of Centix also stores inspection certificates and maintenance information. Both find that very convenient to work with. “This way I can see exactly what expires when and when we need inspections,” Ellen says. The municipality of Nijmegen also uses Centix’s QR codes. “With bulk materials, not every part comes with a sticker,” Ellen says, pointing to a sticker stuck on a rack. “Here are traffic signs. When you scan these, the system shows what is it and how much we still have in stock.”

Benefits/ Results with Centix: Savings

  • No more difference when taking stock: between the actual stock and what is on paper. “Every year we were losing 10,000 euros. With this system, we prevent that.”
  • More efficient working method: clear insight into what is in stock, what has been loaned out in terms of equipment and where it is located.
  • This saves the municipality of Nijmegen costs and keeps the stock up to date.
  • Because the certificates of inspections of machines are also included, it is clear when what expires.
  • No more searching: everything is clearly registered.
  • The employees who work with it, who look in the system, are positive about working with the system: it is user-friendly.