Municipality of Nijmegen: “No more difference in stock thanks to accurate registration in Centix”

Municipality Nijmegen uses the Centix system to use it to register everything that is lent, spent, but also what is returned. Ellen Marcusse, employee business administration in the field service, tells how she filled out the system from scratch. The complexity was great. For example, the former warehouse coordinator had his own work method, and everything was registered in folders. “It was a closet full of folders,” says Ellen, who has been working on the process of registering as much as possible in Centix for a year and a half. “That’s work that’s never finished. So we also have street furniture that is added or modified. That list is never complete.”

10.000 euro difference

Especially in the warehouse, Centix’s system has proven to be of great value. “We should have used it much earlier,” says Ellen. “In the beginning, with over 1,800 objects now registered, it was: where do we start?” “It definitely pays for itself,” says Operational Manager at Gemeente Nijmegen, Gerrie Wijers. He explains, “At Gemeente Nijmegen, we think it’s important to digitize. As a result, we have our inventory management in better order and we can show clear figures at the end of the year. We know exactly what is there. The difference in balances used to be almost 10,000 euros; what is in the warehouse and what is on paper? Now with Centix there is no difference anymore and we are super happy the way things are going at the moment.”


Gerrie Wijers:
"The difference in balances used to be almost 10,000 euros; what is in the warehouse and what is on paper? Now with Centix there is no longer any difference."

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At the counter

Ellen agrees: “It is very nice to keep our stock in order with Centix. The advantage of a digital stock system, in this case Centix, is that there is an overview, the stock is just right. We can see exactly, when we need to order what and almost nothing gets lost.” She explains how the municipality of Nijmegen works with Centix… “In the warehouse we have a counter, or actually a counter. That’s what we call it. Our employees come in here and indicate what materials they need. The warehouse worker walks into the warehouse or upstairs, and gets the stuff they need. He has his scanner or mobile in his hands and can immediately check it off and register it with the person it’s going to or what event it’s being used for.”

QR-codes Centix

For registering and easy retrieval of materials, the Municipality of Nijmegen also uses Centix’s QR codes. “Not every item comes with a sticker,” Ellen says. “At the bulk materials we put a sticker. When you scan it, the system shows what it is and how much we still have in stock.” Ellen and Gerrie are satisfied, and say they also plan to expand it. “We also want to put the financial picture on it. Imagine: a fire breaks out. Then it’s good to know what’s in which room and what the value is. I’m very happy with it. From the beginning I said: Centix is my store. That’s how it feels. The employees who work with it are also positive. For example, the planner who prepares work orders in Centix. They all enjoy working with it.”