More insight into the status of your or the end-users’ objects with the ‘change status’ widget

With the increasing access of end-users to the Centix Online portal, new opportunities are emerging for the development of exciting new features for our software. For example, the detail of an object (such as tools or materials) can be customized using widgets, in accordance with the organisation’s preferences.

‘Change status’ widget

Every inspector knows the scenario: you arrive at a customer and tools or equipment are missing. The customer has lost the tool or equipment, but this is not registered in the system. Which means the item is still on the inspection list. We have developed a useful addition to our software, especially for scenarios like this: the ‘Change status’ widget.

The new widget makes it easy for end-users with limited access rights to mark a lost object in the system as ‘history’ or, conversely, mark an object previously reported as lost as ‘active’ again. This is good news for everyone:

  1. End-user maintains overview: Thanks to the ‘change status’ widget, end-users can immediately see which objects are active and which are marked as lost.
  2. Improved insight for inspectors: Before their visit, inspectors can better determine what situation they will encounter on site. The fact that end-users can set objects to ‘history’ themselves prevents inspectors from including tools or equipment on the inspection list that are no longer in use, for example because they have been lost or broken.
  3. Automatic notifications: Those responsible within the organisation can automatically receive messages when an item has been lost or found again, allowing them to respond better to the situation. For example, by repurchasing the tool or equipment.

For certain types of companies, such as technical wholesalers, this development also opens the door to new sales opportunities. Has the customer lost tools…? Great sales opportunity! The loss of tools or equipment can now be turned directly into an opportunity to replace or upgrade these items, which can be benefit both the customer and the technical wholesaler.

In a nutshell, the ‘change status’ widget not only provides practical convenience but also offers a strategic advantage for organisations in various sectors.

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