Fall protection equipment
Maintenance and Inspection

For fall protection equipment, there are standards like the Dutch NEN-EN 365 standard which are applicable for maintenance and inspection. Fall protection equipment inspection often is mandatory for work from a height of more than 2.5 meters. In case of an increased risk under certain circumstances, fall protection can also be required below on lower heights.


Fall protection equipment must be inspected annually. Falling from a great height carries many risks. Hence it is very important that maintenance and inspections are carried out on time.

In Centix fall protection equipment maintenance and inspection plans are available. These plans can be imported into Centix.


These plans are quick and easy to implement via the web as well as the Mobile App. The reports of the inspections carried out are available online as well as a downloadable pdf.

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Safety harness

The safety harness maintenance and inspection plan only contains questions. The inspection plan is performed annually by most organizations. The plan is subdivided into different groups such as inscriptions and the condition.
valbeveiligingValbeveiliging onderhoud en inspectie

Safety net

valbeveiliging keuring, inspectie en onderhoud in Centix
The maintenance and inspection plan for a safety net only contains questions. The inspection plan is carried out annually by most organizations on a safety net. The plan is divided into different groups such as markings, falling from height, breaking or collapsing and the condition.

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