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Centix Online works on the principle of concurrent users, only users that are logged into the system at the same time are monitored. So it doesn’t matter how many user accounts you create in your system, they are for free.

With the ‘Centix Online Basis’ subscription you receive one concurrent ‘Edit’ user and ten concurrent ‘View’ users. Additional concurrent users can be added to your subscription. You can read more about what an ‘Edit’ user is below.


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Concurrency and Users

There are two different types of users for the system with associated rates:
  • Login ‘View’ users. In the rights module, these users are indicated that they can only look in the database. An example of this is a user who can see objects provided to him. He cannot change them, move them and so on. A ‘View’ user can also request inspection certificates on location.
  • Logged in ‘Edit’ users. These users are indicated in the rights module that they can make changes in the database.
Of course, the rights can be set in such a way that by means of roles the logged in user can only change data to which he/she has rights. The installation and offline use of our Centix Apps is for free. However, when synchronizing the App with the Centix Online environment, a ‘View’ or ‘Edit’ user is registered, depending on the type of user. After the synchronization is complete, the user will remain logged in to the Centix Online environment for another fifteen minutes.

What is an Edit user?

An ‘Edit’ user can change data in Centix. This right can managed by the user rights and role. If an ‘Edit’ user logs in, they will always be registered as a concurrent’Edit’ user, even if the user is only looking at that moment and not making any changes.

Monitoring concurrent users

Our software has the option of blocking access if the number of simultaneous users is exceeded. However, we do not think this is wise, given the nature of our software. We would like to agree with you that we generate a report 4 times a year regarding the concurrency of your users. If there are frequent overages, we will make you an offer to increase the number of licenses.

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