IvS Inspections and Service: “Together with Centix on the road to satisfied customers”

IvS Keuringen en Service grew from a one-man business to a company with now 700 clients. According to owner Ivo van Summeren, the company’s strength is its niche: “We are good at inspections. Then we offer the service and proper administration as well. For that I use Centix. The fact that Centix is easily scalable also suits my desire to grow.”

Situation before Centix: From day one in Centix

IvS inspections and service has been using Centix from day one, when the company was still called STARO. Meanwhile, IvS and Centix have been working together for 17 years. “When I started, there wasn’t much on offer. What Centix offered at the time suited me. We have grown up together in those 17 years. “What appeals to me most is that Centix is constantly innovating the package. It’s never finished. With that, we also do this a very little bit together. The input and output is nice though. I was once mentioned by John as being: not the biggest, but certainly the most intensive customer. In any case, my feedback is always taken seriously, especially if the value of certain areas of improvement can be well argued for everyone. We also always receive good, well-reasoned feedback if they do or do not implement certain points raised. As far as that goes, Centix is more partner than supplier.”


Centix solution: customer-friendly

The goal from the beginning was to grow. “That’s where Centix fit in. Because it can grow with us. Because it is easy to add staff and work with more people in the system at the same time. Because of the online platform we have with Centix, I can serve many customers at the same time. As a result, I also see opportunities for growth. With Centix, my customers’ inspections and maintenance are always in order. That is a must. During a check-up or inspection, we can immediately provide insight into the maintenance history and inspections. Customers like the fact that they can log in to access all their data, including inspection certificates. That is experienced by 98 percent as very nice, and by 20 percent even as super!”

Advantages/ Results with Centix: Growth

  • Centix is scalable and growing along with Centix: in 17 years, IvS grew from 0 to 700 customers.
  • As a growth partner, Centix is not just a supplier: “We really are in this together.”
  • IvS customers are satisfied because they have insight into their inspection info and maintenance.
  • The strength of Centix: the package never stands still, is always evolving.
  • At Centix, IvS experiences a safe feeling: “With all the protocols and ISO certification, we know that with Centix we are guaranteed and safe.”
  • IvS has been working for some time now with QR codes, which are applied to the machines, making it easy for employees, but also for our clients, to see when what has been inspected and when and also where equipment belongs.
  • Centix is stable and offers continuity: “You can work just as hard offline as online. Also with Centix Mobile. The network can go down. But if your battery is charged, you can just continue with inspections.”