IvS Inspections and Service: “Centix fits our desire to grow”

IvS Keuringen en Service has been working with Centix for 17 years. The company uses Centix to register inspections of electrical work equipment for over 700 clients. This includes drills, extension cords and cables and the like, but also ladders and stairs and lifting and hoisting equipment. Ivo van Summeren of IvS Keuringen en Service (Inspections and Service) says: “We are very satisfied with Centix. Especially because the Asset Management Centix fits our desire to grow.”

Ivo enthusiastic explains how Centix supports IvS in its day-to-day operations. “We have grown a lot as a company, but also notice that Centix has grown a lot. We are very happy with the fact that Centix keeps innovating, so that we stay ahead and can also offer our customers the very latest of what is available on the market every time. That is greatly appreciated by us, but certainly also by our customers.”

Ivo van Summeren - "As it is with us - at IvS Inspections and Service it is Safety in Work Equipment - Centix is Safety in Data."

Best service

IvS’s main objective is to provide good service and serve customers on time. “Keeping all customers happy and making sure they get the right attention,” says Ivo. “That is still quite a challenge, especially because it is not easy to find good staff.” To provide the best service, he believes it is important to meet a number of preconditions: “All the facilities, buses, measuring tools, the look and feel for the customer, it just has to look good. Also a part of this is that with Centix we can offer our customers inspection reports online. They can login and view their information online.”


To give both customers and employees more insight, IvS has been using QR code stickers, which are applied to the machines, for years. “This makes all information easy accesible for our employees, but also for our customers. For example: when something needs to be inspected, we direclty see which branch or person it belongs to. We just have to scan the sticker. In Centix you can add all reports and documents to registered objects, which is very user-friendly and benefits all involved parties.” 


Centix’s ISO certification is also an advantage for Ivo, because it guarantees a piece of safety. “As it is with us – at IvS Keuringen en Service (Inspections and Service) it is Safety in work equipment – Centix is safety in data. The customer should not notice anything. With many companies, if the software fails, you stand still. With Centix, you can work just as much offline as online. Also with Centix Mobile. The network may go down. But if your battery is charged, you can just inspect.”


For more information about IvS Inspections and Service: visit the IvS website.

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