Isero: “Centix: the final missing puzzle piece for a future-proof and professional concept.”

Centix het laatste puzzelstukje voor een professioneel en toekomstbestendig concept voor Isero.

Our implementation consultants are consistently onboarding new Centix customers. One of our recent additions is Isero B.V., a wholesaler specialising in hinges and locks, tools, metalware, fastening devices, workwear, and personal protective equipment (PPE). Isero sought a future-proof and professional tool management solution to enhance customer service and foster long-term relationships. This led to a collaboration with Centix. Following thorough preparation, Isero recently launched Centix without any issues, utilising the platform to manage objects and conduct inspections for their customers. We interviewed Donny Hoogenboom about the implementation process and their experiences thus far.

Looking for the final puzzle piece

In addition to offering products at one of its 70 locations, Isero has focused on offering concepts for about seven years. One of these concepts is Isero Tool Management (ITM). “ITM is a tool for us to bind customers to us and relieve them. We do this by providing new tools and taking inspections off their hands.” Previously, Isero used another provider’s software for this purpose, but growth created a need for change. Donny explains: “Our concept was already quite successful, but we were quite limited. Customers expected more professionalism, and we could not offer that with our old management software. We were looking for more.”

Isero came across Centix through one of our customers, which generated enthusiasm. Eventually, Centix was invited to give a product demonstration, explaining all that was possible with it. “What we were missing was the final piece of the puzzle: where are you going to process it and track it in. In our case, fortunately, that became Centix! Centix was the last missing puzzle piece for our future-proof and professional concept.”

Implementation process: "It takes two to tango”

After commissioning, Isero entered the implementation process. he transition to Centix was a major migration job. It involved 135,000 objects with 270,000 historical inspections. In this process, Isero was supported by implementation consultant René Dautzenberg. “They sometimes say: ‘It takes two to tango’, which is something I felt very much with René from the very beginning. There was never a moment when René made me feel I had to figure it all out myself. He was always willing to help. This kind of partnership only makes your job better!”

“The Sunday evening before we went live, I closed my laptop, and then the stress dropped away from me: ‘I can’t do anything more, everything is done’. When stress falls away from me and I think things will be fine, a lot really needs to happen – and it happened! On the Monday morning that we went live, I was on-site myself to help inspect. I expected my phone to go off frequently in the first hour, but it went off exactly once: someone who wanted to log in but had forgotten their password. A minimal dropout in an implementation process, and the moment your colleagues get started, no ambiguities and problems experienced. This shows that Centix has been so thorough. Really mega compliments!”

There was never a moment when René made me feel I had to figure it all out myself. "

Benefits of Centix

Isero has now been live with Centix Online for about a month. In the first two weeks, the focus was on facilitating the work of inspectors, while fine-tuning took place behind the scenes to ensure a smooth start. Donny: “We took the time to really get to know Centix well.” After a successful start, Isero is now phasing over its customers to Centix. The results of this move are extremely positive. “The first few customers we have now transferred to Centix are saying: ‘This is really super nice, and I can do all sorts of things myself’.” Although the wholesale has only just started using Centix, significant benefits are already being experienced.

More stratification through the customer portal

One of the most important functionalities for Isero is the Centix customer portal. “We can assign each debtor its own relation in Centix. We can provide a login per location or for the entire group,granting access only to the relevant data. This creates more stratification. With the easy creation of a concern relations in Centix, we can easily add further stratification.

Centix can be customised according to your own preferences

The ability to customise the software to specific business and customer needs is invaluable to Isero. “With Centix, we have complete control in-house. We can toggle buttons on and off and adjust settings ourselves. This is exactly what we were looking for: the ability to tailor the system to our own needs. Although certain functionalities were possible in our old system, it was not as convenient, aesthetically pleasing, and aligned with our style. Centix simply offers more professionalism. As a large, professional player, we need a reliable partner like Centix to serve our customers even better.”

Centix is future-proof

Donny: “Centix is future-proof, and that’s really important to me. We are confident that we can continue to build in the coming years. We can add functionalities and create special profiles for our customers. This way, we make sure that we have something that will benefit our customers not only now but also in the long term. We can do more for our customers. With Centix, we really use ITM as a powerful tool. Before, it was just a matter of showing certificates, but now it is actually management for the customer. This is exactly where we wanted to go. We know that with Centix, we can also respond to the needs of 2 or 3 years from now. The future-proofing aspect is essential for our concept.”

"Centix is future-proof, and that's really important to me."

To phase 2

Isero aims to use Centix to create a total package for its customers, with the aim of attracting not only small and medium-sized companies but also the big players. To achieve this goal, the wholesaler is not standing still. Although Isero has only just gone live with Centix, Donny is already focusing on phase two. “I want to get to phase two! It does not have to be now or tomorrow, but I want to think about it now and I want to have certain knowledge now. The remarkable thing about Centix and René is the immediate switch: ‘OK, the first phase went well, let’s move on to phase two.’ There is no leaning backward. In the same conversation, René switches to phase two. He flips the switch, and we move on to the next one. You do not see that very often. Centix moves at the pace the customer desires, yet is ready to pause when needed. That is just super nice!”

Donny truly experiences working with Centix as a partnership. “A customer I can be anywhere just by transferring an amount. You need to have a partner who is there to help you when you need them, but also the other way around: pressing the sore spot every now and then. You need good interaction, and we have that with Centix.”


Isero wholeheartedly recommends Centix. Donny states: “We recommend Centix 100%. If you desire a professional management system for your organisation and a professional way of collaboration, then Centix is the right choice for you.”

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