Introduction service forms

Improve your service organization with easy to scan QR code forms. With the introduction of the dynamically adjustable service forms, a new phase in the development of Centix has begun.
The forms can be dragged together with content such as standard Centix fields and user-defined input fields and are extremely flexible. For example, labels can be adjusted, it can be determined per input field in which role they are shown and translations can be added.

The forms are super simple to use. The submitter simply scans the QR code and fills out the form using the phone. The service forms ‘post’ their information in the Workflow module so that the service process can be started in an integrated manner. The submitter and administrator may receive a confirmation by e-mail.

The dynamically adjustable form will be a follow-up to the product detail in the front office in the next version. Over time, the front office forms can all be put together independently

For those interested, there is more new ‘under the hood‘. For example, we have ensured that the version history of the form is saved. We expect to use this development in more places in Centix in due course so that tracking changes will be easier.