How data restrictions can help you

Het waarborgen van privacy en veiligheid in uw Centix-omgeving

Data restrictions are a powerful functionality within Centix Online. This is because data restrictions allow you to limit access to data based on roles, individuals, business units, or teams. This functionality offers numerous benefits, including enhanced data security. It also provides greater accountability and prevents unnecessary adjustments, such as modifying items that your employees do not own.

What are data restrictions in Centix Online?

This is a feature that allows you to manage and limit the amount of data visible to users. One of the biggest and most important benefits of this is that you can set up a customer portal, which allows customers to access their own data.

Benefits of data restriction:

  1. Clear role assignment: Data restriction provides gradations in access to data, allowing you to address different situations. For example, customers can only view their own data, while technicians can access specific locations and objects.
  2. Efficiency: Your field service personnel, for example, can in most cases only see what is in their own vehicle or at the location they need to visit. This helps avoid unnecessary information and improves the efficiency of their work.
  3. Security: Data restriction strengthens the security of your data. By setting restrictions, you minimize the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive information.

How to set up data restriction?

Setting data restriction in Centix Online is easy. You can set data restrictions at both user level and role level. This allows you to accurately determine who has access to what data. For detailed instructions on how to set data restriction, please refer to the release notes and documentation in Centix Online.

Important: Check your restrictions

We want to stress the importance of checking your data restrictions regularly. Incorrect settings can lead to unwanted access or restrictions. Make sure that each role has appropriate access rights to work effectively.

Customer portal and data restrictions

If you use the customer portal in Centix Online, you can also apply data restrictions to show data only to specific customers. This is especially useful if you want to share certain information while keeping other data private.

An example: Customers of an inspection company want to be able to view their own objects and access certificates when they are audited. The inspection company gives the customer access to Centix and sets the restrictions so that the customer can only view their own equipment.


If you are looking for ways to manage, secure and use your data more efficiently, we highly recommend you explore the powerful data restriction feature in Centix Online. It provides you with the control you need to streamline and protect data.

If you have further questions about data restriction or need assistance setting it up. Your consultant will be happy to assist you. We are ready to help you get the most out of Centix Online.