Hemink Group: “Centix grows with you!”

Marc van Hemink aan het werk met Centix

Previously, if you asked ‘what do we actually have?’, nobody knew. Now, we can simply say that with Centix."

Hemink started as a painting company but has since grown into a nationwide property management company, specialising in property maintenance for housing associations. The group now comprises three branches located in Holten, Nijkerk, and Zaandam. Alongside several other companies, including one specialising in fire-retardant measures, they form Hemink Holding. Due to the company’s significant growth, managing equipment became increasingly challenging. Marc van Slooten, equipment manager at Hemink Holten, was internally appointed to re-establish structure. To achieve this, the organisation partnered with Centix. We spoke to Marc about this collaboration.

Opting for Centix: “Order in the chaos”

As Hemink experiences rapid growth, the management of equipment becomes increasingly crucial to maintain oversight. Marc explained, “The individual overseeing the warehouse was responsible for managing materials, equipment, and tools. However, as the volume grew, this task became overwhelming and unmanageable.” Despite several attempts to address the issue, including engaging an external inspection company, Hemink preferred to retain control of management internally. Eventually, Marc van Slooten was internally appointed to streamline equipment management. “When I began at Hemink, my tools were limited to a notepad and Excel for equipment management, nothing more.”

Marc started looking for an equipment management package to improve the management of equipment. He soon came across Centix. “I was already familiar with Centix from my previous work, so it was a good starting point. Additionally, I wanted something easy to use that would work well for everyone. Centix is easy to set up. While there are several providers of management software, Centix’s long expertise and numerous expansion options made it the clear choice for me.”

Benefits of Centix

Hemink registers more than just equipment and tools in Centix; property parts such as rolling doors, extinguishers, and heating installations are also registered. “We do this purely to avoid losing the overview.” The organisation has now been working with Centix for six months and is gaining better insight into their equipment management. The experiences of the first six months are extremely positive. “We are very satisfied with our cooperation with Centix so far!” The property maintenance company is already noticing significant benefits.

Overview of who, what, where and when

The biggest advantage of Centix for Hemink is the overview it provides. Marc states, “With just one press of a button, I can now, for example, see how many of a certain type of machine we have and when something needs to be inspected. This offers considerable added value, especially considering the number of employees we have. At some point, for example, you just want to know how many drills you have. Should I buy one more, or should I move them? Previously, if you asked ‘what do we actually have?’, nobody knew. Now, with Centix, we can simply say: ‘We have so many drills, so many steps, and ladders, and those are assigned to this person, and those to that person.’ Once that is fixed, it’s fixed. Then it’s a matter of consistency: consistently assigning to the right person, consistently registering new machines, but also continuing to check the data.”

"At Centix, you can easily reach someone on the line, which I truly appreciate."

Centix Mobile App combined with QR codes

Working on sites is made easier for the property maintenance company, thanks to the Centix Mobile App. The app enables Hemink to manage their equipment on-site as well. Working via the app in combination with Centix QR code stickers provides significant benefits for the company. “What I really like is that I can now tell people on-site: ‘Should you get an inspection on site, scan the object, and you can neatly show the certificate to the inspector.’ I think that’s a big advantage.”

Equipment management in Centix allows Hemink to hold their employees more accountable for their own equipment, as each piece can be assigned to a specific individual. Through the use of QR codes, it’s easy to determine who the equipment belongs to. Marc adds, “On some projects, we have as many as six painters working simultaneously, and sometimes one may need to leave the construction site for another job. In such cases, the individual may wonder, ‘Which step is mine?’ With the ability to scan the QR code, they can quickly verify whether the step belongs to them or not. This ensures they can leave the construction site with their own equipment, rather than risking it getting mixed up with someone else’s belongings.”

Easy inspections thanks to standard checklists

A critical component for the property maintenance company is the availability of standardised checklists for inspections, which can be instantly accessed via mobile or tablet devices. Prior to implementing Centix, the inspection process was significantly more cumbersome. Certificates had to be manually written, scanned, and then uploaded. Now, PAT-testers can be easily read into Centix, after which all test data is automatically transmitted and linked to the corresponding machine, resulting in instantly available certificates. “We already have 5,000 machines in our system. If we had to manually inspect each one, it would be unmanageable.”

Support with a personal touch

Marc highly values the support provided by the Centix support team due to the quality of their responses and the friendly and helpful nature of the support staff. “At Centix, you can easily reach someone on the line, which I truly appreciate. Whenever there’s something I can’t figure out, I always receive courteous and effective assistance from the support team.” In an era dominated by digital and remote support, the personal contact and guidance from a Centix employee stand out. Marc remarks, “I really appreciate the personal touch.”

Phase 2: Charging on projects

Hemink is currently in the final stage of the first phase, where the last part of the workforce is being registered and a clear overview of equipment management is being established. Even though phase one is not yet complete, Marc has already begun preparations for phase two. He believes in the importance of following through once a phase has been initiated. During an online product demonstration, Centix’s Product Owner listened to the requirements for phase two and explained how Centix could be utilised in this next stage.

Marc outlines the vision for phase two at Hemink: “Currently, all costs are categorised as general expenses, which isn’t entirely accurate. For instance, one project might involve renting a forklift while another utilises one from our group. This disparity skews our cost analysis. The goal is to establish an Hemink equipment service where we can accurately allocate charges based on machine usage. In the next phase, we’ll begin by charging for major equipment – specifically, large machines like telescopic handlers and forklifts – upfront on projects. Then, we’ll extend this practice to cover smaller machines as well. Centix’s additional modules play a crucial role in making this transition seamless.”


The property maintenance company is delighted with the comprehensive overview provided by Centix’s equipment management system, leading to their high satisfaction with the collaboration. Marc expresses, “So far, our cooperation with Centix has been excellent!” The company wholeheartedly recommends Centix. Marc emphasises, “If you’re looking for a solution to manage your equipment, especially during company growth, Centix is the answer. Relying on outdated methods like Excel will eventually lead to limitations. With Centix, you won’t encounter these limitations – it grows with you!”

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