Forteck uses Centix as a total solution: Inspecting from A to Z

Emiel Plasmeijer: "The inspector now inspects in half the time."

In the world of contracting and in-house rental of equipment and tools, efficiency and accuracy are crucial. Forteck, a dynamic contractor with six different operating companies, realized they needed to modernize their equipment management and inspection system. Emiel Plasmeijer, Forteck’s equipment manager, explains why Forteck chose Centix Online and the motivation behind the switch from PATManager to Centix.

“In PATManager, we could conduct our inspections and succinctly record the location, nothing more. For example, I could only transfer equipment from one location to another; the wish was to be able to immediately transfer the charge to Metacom after registration. We wanted something more digital and a system that works for us. Automatic notifications to my colleagues when the inspection date of their equipment is approaching were also important wishes. That’s why we chose Centix.”

Total solution: inspection from A to Z

Forteck was looking for a complete system that would support all aspects of their operations. Not only did they want to perform inspections, but they also wanted to be able to handle invoicing and manage certificates. This was crucial, especially given their operations in the petrochemical sector, where accurate documentation of inspections is very important. Emiel emphasizes: “We were looking for a comprehensive inspection solution, covering everything from A to Z, with seamless integration with Metacom’s accounting program. Availability of inspection certificates anytime and anywhere was a top priority in our search for a new asset management system. We do a lot in the petrochemical industry, when someone comes to check whether a piece of equipment has been inspected, they want to see the certificate. To do this, they always had to call me first. That was cumbersome and time-consuming. Now it’s simple: just scan the QR code from Centix. Anyone can scan the code and see the certificate and other information regarding the piece of equipment.”

Switching from PATManager to Centix Online

Forteck Materieel is an operating company that rents out internal equipment and tools to five different operating companies within the FB Group, including Infra, Construction, Demolition, Asbestos, and Engineering. To efficiently manage this complex operational structure, Forteck was looking for an advanced system that went beyond the traditional methods of paperwork and manual input. Emiel Plasmeijer explains why Forteck chose Centix Online: “In June 2022, we came to the realization that things needed to change. Everything was on paper, books were going back and forth, there were Excel lists, handwritten inspection stickers, and so on. We wanted to eliminate the manual processes because they consumed a lot of time and were prone to errors. That’s why we decided to digitize, and that’s how we found Centix.”

I don't want to be chasing people that equipment needs to be inspected. The Centix system now does that for me.

Key functionality of Centix

Centix Online offered Forteck the solution they were looking for. Emiel emphasizes that Centix’s key functionalities for them include object management, location management, and the ability to record certifications. “The whole package is exactly what we were looking for. This week I was talking to a colleague, who came to pick up tools, about the benefits of the automatic notifications. I don’t want to be chasing people that equipment needs to be inspected. The Centix system now does that for me. It sends an e-mail to my colleagues informing them that it is time for the inspection. I find that ideal and it saves me a lot of time!”

QR-codes from Centix

Forteck also employs Centix’s QR codes for equipment identification. “Scanning the QR codes allows anyone to access all the details, including inspection certificates and ownership information for the equipment. This significantly saves us time. Under our previous NEN 3140 testing method, we had to manually input all data into our inspection computer, and the process of uploading test data from the inspection computer to PATManager was cumbersome and time-consuming. With the transition to Centix, we also replaced our old inspection computer with a new one, and now it only takes a few button presses to get things going.”

Goals and results

In switching to Centix Online, Forteck set ambitious goals to improve their efficiency and streamline their processes. Emiel shares their goals and the results they have achieved so far, ” Our goal was to increase efficiency, have everything in one system, and provide insight for everyone. Inspection is much faster. The inspector said to me the other day, ‘It saves at least half the time.’ So, both he and we are happy with it. What’s left now is the link with Metacom, and then implementing internally that everyone is going to order their stuff through our catalog in Centix.”


Forteck’s experience with Centix Online illustrates the benefits of digitization and integrated warehouse management. Not only have they become faster and more efficient, but they have also improved accuracy and compliance. With Centix Online, they can now confidently look ahead to a future of optimized warehouse management and smoother business processes.

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