Euro Trade: “Our customers sail completely blind on Centix”

Frank de Korte

Euro Trade has been working with Centix Online for 15 years

Euro Trade is never closed. The company operates as a specialist in the sales and rental of hydraulic, electric, and mechanical tools, supplying companies such as BP and Shell. “Our customers run 24/7,’ says Frank de Korte of Euro Trade. “Thanks to Centix, we were able to promise our customers 15 years ago that they would have access to everything on the internet.”

A bold statement at the time, he admits. It earned the company Shell as a customer. “You don’t just walk in there,” he says, not without pride. It was an era when many companies’ cabinets were bulging with paper inspection certificates for equipment and tools. He made the statement in 2007. Eventually, Centix Online became operational in 2009, allowing Frank to fulfil his promise to Shell.

200.000 objects in Centix

The company now has an online database with nearly 200,000 registered objects. Tool maintenance is also managed through Centix. “Centix facilitates our repair administration,” says Frank. “In emergencies, it also supports us by enabling remote creation of work orders for mechanics.”

Frank de Korte: "Centix delivers exactly what is asked for.  The system is not only supportive but also serves as a bonding tool with customers." 

Euro Trade is one of the few specialists where customers not only rent welding machines, pumps, or lifting equipment but also rely on supplied manpower. The fact that all processes, from work orders to workflow planning, can be managed in one online system is something Frank is very satisfied with. The company is currently in the process of transitioning to Navision ERP software, which will be linked to Centix in 2023. “That’s the next challenge,” he says. Thus, all these years we have been working together towards continuous improvement, both internally in our processes and in delivering better results for our customers.”

Extra service

Frank exudes confidence: “We’ve been collaborating for 15 years for a reason! Centix consistently delivers what we need, aligning perfectly with our business objectives and our commitment to serving our customers. It’s not just a supportive tool; it’s also a bonding mechanism with our customers. Over the years, I’ve witnessed customers who’ve transitioned from analogue to digital with us, now relying entirely on our Centix system. They deeply appreciate the automatic notifications prompting them to have their work equipment re-inspected on time. In this way, we provide our customers with an added level of service.”

More information on Euro Trade: Visit the website of Euro Trade.