Equipment management for pros: “Without Centix, I can’t do my job anymore!”

Two years ago, Enrico van der Veen (22) began as a solo operation, handling side jobs and managing everything manually on paper. Now, he operates his company full-time, specialising in inspection and maintenance services. With around 250 customers and a multitude of resources under his belt, he sought out Centix for assistance. “Without Centix, I wouldn’t be able to carry out my work effectively anymore!”

Enrico utilises Centix Online to manage machinery and assets for his largest customers, such as construction company Buiteveld and installation company De Haan. From steps, ladders, and aerial work platforms to entire installations, he registers, inspects, and maintains everything using Centix Online. The entrepreneur considers it advantageous that customers can also log in themselves to view their equipment and resources. “If they’re searching for tools or equipment, all they need to do is enter the machine or tool number, and they can immediately see its location and when it requires inspection again.”

Extra service

For his customers, utilising Centix is therefore a key unique selling proposition (USP). Enrico views it as an additional service offering facilitated by Centix. “Customers receive automatic notifications for inspections and have a comprehensive overview,” he explains. “With Centix, you build a complete history of all machines, enabling precise tracking of consumption rates and identifying how quickly certain machines wear out.” He elaborates further: “Imagine this scenario: a customer recently replaced a machine, but it already requires replacement again. With Centix Online’s thorough registration, we can investigate this discrepancy. If machines are absent from inspection records, Centix readily pinpoints their location. Additionally, performing supplementary checks for comprehensive coverage is much simpler with Centix Online.”

Enrico: "The implementation was carried out with meticulous attention to my specific requirements."

Decreased error rate

Enrico’s customers appreciate the meticulously organised equipment management facilitated by Centix. According to him, it not only saves time but also significantly boosts efficiency. He remarks, “My workdays are already quite lengthy, but without Centix, I wouldn’t have any downtime whatsoever. Another aspect I appreciate is the ability to directly import values from measuring equipment. You simply connect it to the computer, and it seamlessly integrates with Centix. This eliminates the need to manually record values on paper before transferring them to the computer, ultimately reducing the error rate.”

Centix collaboration

For the near future, Enrico plans to incorporate Centix’s QR code stickers into his workflow. “Starting next year, I aim to affix these stickers to machines, allowing for easy scanning and direct access to each machine’s data,” he explains. He expresses satisfaction with his collaboration with Centix, stating, “Throughout the implementation process, they were attentive to my needs. Whenever I had questions, I received prompt responses. I’m confident that any issues that arise will be promptly addressed. It’s a very seamless and pleasant experience.”