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"Insight into where your valuable equipment or tools are in Centix. Anytime. Anywhere."

Equip any piece of equipment or tool with one of Centix’s newest Tags and you’ll see where it is and if it’s currently being deployed. Read more about the uses, benefits and costs of the Tags.

For every application in various industries

The world around us is changing, also on the construction site and in the industry. By collecting more data, it is possible to work more efficiently. The MiniTag and GeoTag are used to use your valuable equipment or tools more efficiently or to lose them less often. By applying a Tag you can see exactly where the object currently is or has been at. This can be used for expensive small or large equipment or specialist tools. From an expensive laser in the construction industry, a crane in the civil engineering to generators and light masts at rental companies. These resources often travel throughout the country, are easy to transport or have a certain value, making these resources suitable for equipping with a Tag. Follow them anytime, anywhere in your own Centix environment.


For every application in various situations. Choose the size, location accuracy and battery life.



Price per item

Smallest Tag on the market. Specially developed for use in small equipment or hand tools.



Price per item

Rechargeable wireless tracker for large equipment such as containers, trailers, vehicles or aggregates.



Price per item

Rechargeable XL tracker. Communicates both indoor and outdoor through the extra strong GPS and Sigfox antennas.

The applications in Centix with the Tag

Tracking objects

In Centix you can track your objects with a convenient dashboard.

A Tag can also be transferred to another object in Centix.

Operating hours registration

Via a dashboard, you can see the capacity, average power, content of the tank or the consumption of, for example, a generator on your screen.

Generator CenTag dashboard

Maintenance in Centix

Manage and locate your objects in Centix. This also allows you to use the maintenance and inspection options.

Move automatically

Place a geofence in the map around current projects or warehouse locations. And equipment or tools are automatically moved and charged to the relevant project.

“We equip all our equipment with a value above €1500,- with a Tag

Order, register and track your items

  1. Order the Tags
  2. We will send the tags to you
  3. Apply the Tag to the desired equipment or tool to be tracked
  4. Link the Tag to the object in Centix
  5. Follow the object via the dashboards in your Centix environment
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Benefits at a glance!

Deployment increasing
Increased use of equipment and prevents unnecessary downtime.
Maintenance & management

Fully integrated into Centix for, e.g., maintenance and inspections.

Long lifespan
On battery or rechargeable so that the Tags last for years.
Insight into dashboard
24/7 insight into Centix with various interactive maps.
For any object
Resistant to any (weather) influence and environment.
Operating hours registration
Manage the capacity, usage or content of an object.
Automatically move objects to and from location.
Start right away
Order, activate, apply, and track your items.

Want to know more?

We are happy to tell you more about the possibilities with the Tags.

Do you want to know more about the applications of Tags with Centix, or are you curious about the prices? Schedule a demonstration today, and our experts will gladly tell you more about the possibilities.

After completing the contact form, we will contact you as soon as possible. Of course you can also contact us directly via +31 – 348 – 471040.

Heijmans materieel op de werf
Frequently Asked Questions
Still not sure about purchasing a Centix Tag? Here is an overview of the most frequently asked questions. Is your question not listed? Please contact us!
Order the Tags, we activate them and then send them to you. Assign the Tag to an object in Centix and start tracking!
By activating the Tag and linking it to an object in Centix, you can follow the objects from Centix. Both on the dashboard with all tags and on the object detail.
Each tag has different attach options. But they are often attached with screws, adhesives, tie-wraps, or magnets. If you use the Puck casing for the GeoTag, attach it with one of the options above.
Depending on the application or size of the object to be tracked, we choose an appropriate Tag. Our experts will tell you all about this.
Defective tools or equipment, or is the tag redundant? Remove the tag from the object and attach it to a new object. In Centix, unlink the tag and assign it to the new object.
But of course that is possible! Contact our specialists and they will help you further.
In order to get Tag operational and to be able to keep track of it, you have to pay purchase costs and annual license costs. See the prices for purchase costs. Annual license costs start from €48,-.

CenTag in de praktijk

Door uw materieel of gereedschap uit te rusten met een Tag van Centix kunt u altijd en overal uw middelen lokaliseren en traceren. In Centix volgt u gemakkelijk de locaties van al uw beschikbare gereedschap of materieel. Zo heeft u 24/7 inzicht in waar het zich bevindt.


Doordat de tag een klein en compact formaat heeft bevestigd u deze gemakkelijk op de voor u zo waardevolle objecten. Hierdoor is de tag goed weg te werken wat de diefstalbeveiliging ten goede komt. De Tag beschikt over een eigen accu en is volledig stof en waterdicht.


Veelal toegepast op trilplaten, kantenmaaiers, bouwlasers, schaftketen, graafbakken, aggregaten, aanhangwagens, lichtmasten, tafelzagen en nog veel meer..!

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