Drinking water company Dunea and inspection company CE-ESTER work together with and in Centix

"A universal approach to work and increased overview due to our shared system."

Dunea, the supplier of drinking water to nearly 1.4 million customers in the western part of South Holland (Netherlands), utilises Centix to oversee more than 4,000 pieces of equipment. While Dunea concentrates on equipment and site management, CE-ESTER employs Centix for relationship management, planning, and conducting (annual) inspections at companies like Dunea. Jonathan den Hertog, the equipment manager at Dunea, and Michel Steggerda, the relations manager at CE-ESTER, share their experiences.

Situation until 2022: No structure


Dunea has been using Centix software for some time. Previously, they utilised the desktop version, Centix Office. A few years ago, Dunea upgraded to the online version of the software, the cloud solution Centix Online. However, Dunea did not address the system structure until 2022, which meant the software was not being utilised optimally. Jonathan den Hertog explains, “With over 70 mechanics who sometimes bring their own tools, it was difficult to keep track of what was at which location. Moreover, the process is already quite complex for us, as inspections take place in an environment with several locations and sub-locations.” To add structure, Dunea again enlisted the help of a Centix Consultant to start using the software to its full potential.

Centix solution: “Collaborate beneficially within a unified system”

After learning that their in-house inspector, responsible for Centix inspections, would retire, Dunea opted to outsource the annual inspections. To streamline the inspection process, Dunea collaborated with the external inspection company CE-ESTER, which also utilises Centix. Jonathan: “Together with Centix and CE-ESTER, we completely overhauled and refined our Centix system.” As part of this collaboration, the inspection company gains access to Dunea’s Centix environment to conduct inspections within it. Michel adds, “Some customers prefer to maintain control over their operations. Through clear agreements, we conduct inspections within the customer’s Centix environment. For those seeking complete relief from equipment management responsibilities, we offer housing within the Centix customer portal.”

According to Jonathan, Centix has played a pivotal role in centralising equipment management for Dunea. He highlights that the software empowers them to maintain operational control and facilitates seamless creation, movement, and management of objects. By utilising Centix, Dunea enhances operational efficiency, striving to ensure that over 95% of their equipment inspections remain up to date. The collaborative efforts of Dunea, CE-ESTER, and Centix have resulted in notable enhancements to the inspection process and equipment management. Dunea and CE-ESTER underscore the significance of effective communication, coordination, and evaluation in maximising the benefits of Centix. Both parties eagerly anticipate future advancements and improvements with the Centix software.

Results with Centix: continuing to strive for over 95% of inspection data on GREEN

  • “With Centix, we can continue to aim for inspecting more than 95% of our equipment. Our goal is to have as much as possible on GREEN. We have already achieved 98% once,” says the Dunea inspector.

  • Efficient data extraction facilitates management reporting and optimised planning.

  • Flexibility in the inspection process is enhanced by involving their own part-time inspector.

  • The Centix Work Order App empowers CE-ESTER inspectors to easily manage work orders, plan, record hours, and monitor their stock, all within a single app.

  • Accelerated SCC certification for Dunea achieved within three months thanks to Centix. SCC stands for Safety, Health and Environment Checklist for Contractors. Part of this involves the statutory inspection of work equipment. By inspecting and managing equipment in Centix, CE-ESTER effectively conducts an internal audit at Dunea, ensuring thorough organization for the external SCC audit. “The fact that this process is now running so efficiently is thanks to Centix,” says the CE-ESTER inspector.

Dunea & CE-ESTER werken samen met en in Centix
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