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We can write and tell you so much about our Centix Online software, but testing and experiencing Centix Online by yourself does much more! By being able to work with Centix tool and material management software for 30 days without any obligation, you get an idea of whether Centix Online meets the needs and applications for your organization.

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Frequently asked questions about the free demo account

No, the free demo account is completely non-binding. You are not committed to anything and after 30 days you have the choice.

Our specialists are always ready to help you with questions about Centix Online, possibilities or applications. Call or email us. We can also make a Teams appointment to guide you.

The free demo account offers all the functionalities of Centix Online. This gives a good idea of our software which you can test on the computer in the Web as well as on your tablet or mobile with the Centix Mobile App. Do you need more extensive functionalities such as (internal) letting, orders, digital work orders, planning board? Then contact us!

If you immediately request a demo account, you will receive free access to Centix Online for 30 days. You can then use all the functionalities of object management, visual inspection, Centix Mobile App et cetera. During a demonstration, we first give you a personal tour through Centix Online. You have the opportunity to ask questions and after the demonstration we will send you a quotation and demo account.

Yes, we can import the accumulated data into your own Centix Online environment. No duplication and you can get started right away!

Our entry-level configuration is Centix Online Basic and starts at €119.50 per month. For this you have numerous functionalities which is sufficient for many organizations. Do you have additional wishes? For this we have additional modules available to offer a suitable solution for every situation.

In addition to the standard open API, Centix has numerous links so that it can be linked to your industry or financial package.

Yes. Would you like to have a demonstration and quietly discuss the possibilities and applications with Centix Online? No problem, we are happy to schedule an appointment via Teams to share our knowledge and demonstrate the possibilities of Centix Online.