DCW: “Centix deserves a big 9!”

DCW gebruikt Centix Online voor het uitvoeren van onderhoud- en inspectiewerkzaamheden

Javier Sanchez Lestayo: “With Centix we instantly determine whether everything is in order”.

In the past year, DCW, the social development company of the municipality of Enschede, transitioned from the Centix Office system to Centix Online. Within DCW, over 450 individuals are engaged in assignments involving assembly, packaging, repackaging, engineering, textiles, and greenery. Centix Online has delivered significant efficiency improvements to DCW’s tool inspection process, according to DCW’s Javier Sanchez Lestayo. He elaborates, “This is also because we can instantly determine whether everything is in order, including what has been inspected and what has not. If something is found to be faulty, we can easily capture an image and incorporate it into the system.”

Why DCW chose Centix

Javier explains, “We opted for Centix Online because it facilitates fully digital inspection and maintenance processes. The information is readily accessible to all team members. Centix Online also offers a comprehensive history of inspections and maintenance activities in a central location. We utilize this resource when making decisions about future equipment purchases. Additionally, we appreciate the convenience of being able to plan work on a per-inspection or per-employee basis using the planning module. This provides a holistic overview of our operations, which is essential for managing workloads and assessing the necessity of external maintenance contracts.”

After a year of using Centix Online, Javier can only conclude that the decision was the right one for DCW. The system perfectly fulfils their need for increased efficiency and maintaining a clear overview.

Efficient registration of equipment and tools

One of the primary functions of Centix Online for DCW is the registration of equipment and tools. Javier emphasizes the efficiency of this process, highlighting that he can access the system from any location. This flexibility significantly accelerates tool inspections and allows for immediate verification of their condition.

Cost control and maintenance insight

Javier emphasizes that one of the significant advantages of Centix Online is its ability to provide cost insights into maintenance and repairs. He elaborates, “When we encounter tools with broken parts, we can instantly view the cost of necessary repairs. We also maintain records of the frequency of maintenance and the number of replaced parts. This empowers us to make informed decisions about whether it is more cost-effective to repair or replace an item, and it enables us to accurately track repair costs.”

Support and customer satisfaction

Another critical element in the successful transition to Centix Online is the exceptional support and assistance that DCW has received from the Centix team. Javier commends the friendly and attentive nature of the support team, emphasizing that no question is deemed too complex. “They are always eager to provide assistance,” he states. “This is particularly valuable, as my proficiency in Dutch is not flawless. They are consistently prepared to aid me.”

“No question is deemed too complex. The support team is always eager to provide assistance.”

In summary, DCW reflects on their experience with Centix Online with immense satisfaction. The transition to this system has not only enhanced the efficiency of their day-to-day operations but has also facilitated cost management and simplified the registration of equipment and tools. DCW’s success story vividly demonstrates how a well-considered software solution, coupled with the right support, can bring about positive transformations within an organisation. Centix Online has proved to be a valuable partner for DCW. Javier and his team wholeheartedly rate it as “highly satisfied: a solid 9!”

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