Vogelzang Materieel Service: maintenance reports and inspections via Centix

Vogelzang Materieel Service has started using Centix for maintenance and inspections. Certifications and maintenance reports are also managed with Centix. Vogelzang carries out maintenance, repairs and inspections on trailers. In addition, hand tools are also repaired, inspected and certified in accordance with electrical standards.

The challenge of Vogelzang Materieel Service

Previously, Vogelzang used a locally installed software package from its measuring instrument supplier. However, this package no longer met Vogelzang’s wishes. In addition, paper maintenance and inspection lists were used for the trailers.

Gemakelijk nen 3140 keuren met Centix

How does Centix Online fulfill these wishes? 

With Centix Online and the Centix Mobile App, Vogelzang will now carry out maintenance lists and inspections. After performing maintenance or inspection, a maintenance report or certificate is immediately created in Centix. These can be requested anytime and anywhere by the customer in Vogelzang’s own Centix customer portal.

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