SPIE Netherlands: tool management in combination with electrical inspections

SPIE is a European leader in multi-technical services in the field of energy and communication. SPIE supervises the design, implementation, operation and maintenance of, among other things, network systems. In order to carry out all these activities, SPIE has many vehicles on the road and uses many tools and equipment. Centix has been used for many years by various business units of SPIE to manage the equipment and tools. However, a last number of business units used other proprietary software until recently.

The challenge of SPIE Netherlands

This also applied to various SPIE business units, which until recently worked with their self-built software package to manage all their resources. This kept track of which tools were at which location, project or company car.

In addition to the self-built system, another locally running software package was used to keep track of the electrical inspections using PAT-testers.

Due to the continuous developments in the market, the self-made system became obsolete. This was a reason for SPIE to look for a system that remains up-to-date and is suitable for tool management.

Centix Mobile Object overview

How does Centix Online fulfill these wishes?

Centix Online is used to manage resources such as tools to and from various locations such as warehouse, company cars, employees or projects. In addition, with Centix it is possible to carry out both visual and PAT-testing inspections. The measuring instruments can be imported into Centix, after which the certificates are automatically created. As a result, everyone has the right information at their disposal, always and everywhere. Centix Online also fulfills the desire to stay up-to-date as a new version is released every two weeks with customer requirements and security updates. 


Centix Online is now being used in this way. One of the benefits SPIE enjoys is the ease and simplicity of tool tracking. It is easy to see which tools are present in, for example, which company car and what the condition and validity of the tools is. In addition, tools or extra tools can easily be imported and issued from and to warehouse, project or between employees using the Centix Mobile App.



SPIE has various measuring instruments for the annual inspection of power tools, which can all be imported into Centix Online.

By linking the PAT-tester to the computer, a measurement file is created. This is then imported into Centix Online. After processing the measurements, the certificate is immediately created, and the ‘state’ and validity date are updated. The Centix Mobile App is used for visual inspections, in which visual checklists are checked off. After completion of these inspections, the certificates, ‘condition’ and validity date are also immediately updated.



At this annual inspection one often also sees that an inventory of the work equipment takes place. Centix will also support this with the annual inventory option in the Centix Mobile App.


All this is supported by QR code stickers, which makes it easier to identify, register new tools, import and issue, start an inspection and request documentation.

Centix Mobile Inspection question
''Na positieve reacties van voorgaande divisies welke Centix Online al gebruiken voor gereedschapbeheer zijn wij de gesprekken aangegaan.''
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