Collaboration Centix & Primex: achieving more with the same recourses!

Primex, a technical wholesaler, has been a loyal Centix customer from the beginning. Two years ago, they made the switch from Centix Office to Centix Online. For Primex, Centix is not only an efficiency tool but also empowers Primex to achieve more with the same resources, helping them fulfil their growth ambitions.

Situation Before Centix : Inspections on paper

Inspector Gabriel Huibers used to conduct inspections on paper. He explained, “In my role, I am frequently making corrections, updates, and conducting inspections. If you have to do this on paper, it takes twice as much time. The need to enter data separately and the risk of losing documents also increased the likelihood of errors. As a result, customers experienced longer waiting times for their inspection reports and certificates.”

Centix Solution: Efficiency and user convenience

The transition to Centix Online delivered not only increased efficiency but, most importantly, enhanced user convenience. Thanks to the QR code and the Centix system, inspection data and certificates are now instantly accessible online, eliminating the need for paperwork. For a detailed explanation of how this operates, back-office employee Jeroen Heylighen, owner Tim Dukers, and Gabriel are eager to provide insights. Tim adds, “When someone asks, ‘How do you manage that?’ we promptly respond with ‘Centix!'”

Benefits/ Results with Centix

Primex is highly satisfied with the advantages offered by the Centix platform:

  • The Centix platform serves as a significant Unique Selling Point (USP), which Primex leverages to attract new customers.
  • The user-friendliness is unparalleled: simply scan the QR code, conduct repairs or inspections, and mark them as completed.
  • Primex can now achieve more with the same workforce, leading to increased operational efficiency.
  • The error rate has significantly decreased due to the reduction in paper-based processes.
  • Customers enjoy instant online access to all relevant documentation, including inspection certificates.
  • The Centix platform stands as a powerful tool that supports and helps realize Primex’s growth ambitions.
  • Thanks to Centix, Primex has substantially fortified its competitive position, keeping it at the forefront of the industry.
Klant Primex gebruikt Centix Online voor onder andere inspecties uitvoeren
Het uitvoeren van een keuring met Centix Online

With Centix, Primex not only transformed its business processes, but also strengthened its market position and maximised its growth potential.