Centix optimises inspection process for Dunea and CE-ESTER: “With Centix, we are in control”

Drinking water supplier Dunea employs around 580 individuals, including 70 mechanics. With over 4,000 objects distributed across 11 main locations, managing equipment poses a significant challenge. To streamline this process, Dunea utilises Centix’s equipment management software. Jonathan den Hertog, equipment management specialist at Dunea, remarks, “With Centix, we are in control.” For the annual inspections of equipment, Dunea collaborates with the external inspection company CE-ESTER, which also utilises Centix. In the case of Dunea and CE-ESTER, Centix has proven to be an invaluable tool for optimising the external inspection process.

Dunea: "Safety of work and safety of data is very important to us"

Why opt for an external inspection company?

Dunea has been utilising Centix software for some time now. Previously, inspections were conducted internally by a dedicated inspector. However, with the retirement of this key individual, a significant repository of knowledge was lost. Jonathan: “He held all the knowledge and expertise.” Faced with the challenge of staff shortages and the departure of the inspector, Dunea made the decision to outsource the annual inspections. By doing so, they could leverage external expertise while allowing in-house inspectors to allocate their time to other tasks, such as installation checks.

The drinking water company opted to collaborate with the external inspection company CE-ESTER. Michel emphasised, “Ensuring safe operations is a top priority for us. Teaming up with CE-ESTER allows us to uphold the safety of our equipment, and Centix aligns perfectly with our commitment to data security.” CE-ESTER not only conducts inspections but also handles maintenance tasks, all of which are meticulously documented in Centix. The fact that CE-ESTER operates within Centix was an additional factor in selecting this partnership. Jonathan explains, “Having CE-ESTER work within the same system provides us with comprehensive insights and a standardised approach to our equipment management.” However, Dunea retains control over equipment management with its own Centix environment. Jonathan elaborates, “We maintain control because not all registered objects require inspection by CE-ESTER. This approach allows us to retain oversight.” Michel Steggerda from CE-ESTER adds, “Some customers prefer to maintain control over their operations. Through clear agreements, we conduct inspections within the customer’s Centix environment. For those seeking complete relief from equipment management responsibilities, we offer housing within the Centix customer portal.”

CE-ESTER: "Offering more than just inspections"

CE-ESTER inspector Slobodan Ristic: “In many organisations, information tends to be fragmented. You often find certificates and training data stored in one system, while information about tools resides in another. This fragmentation makes it challenging to consolidate information. However, at Dunea, with Centix, we have a platform that integrates all systems seamlessly. We exclusively operate within Centix, ensuring that all pertinent data is readily accessible to everyone. This includes expired inspection records and MOT inspections.”

Slobodan lauds the Centix system as “a powerhouse,” noting: “Some companies simply conduct inspections, document them, affix a sticker, and then forward an Excel sheet to the customer. However, we take a more comprehensive approach by conducting inventories for our customers using Centix. Our aim is to provide clarity regarding the location of equipment, minimising unnecessary proliferation. The advantage lies in ensuring that all data is consolidated within the system at least once a year.” He continues, “Consider this scenario: mechanics are knee-deep in mud, working diligently, and occasionally overlooking things. Tools may end up scattered in the vehicle or on-site. Centix enables us to maintain a tight grip on operations. With Centix, we can offer our customers more than just inspections.”

Inspector Ristic: “The Centix system is a powerhouse!”

Efficient planning

Relations manager Michel Steggerda of CE-ESTER highlights how Centix’s system supports them in planning and executing inspections for various customers, including Dunea. “Centix empowers us to streamline our planning process efficiently,” he asserts. For CE-ESTER, the strength of Centix lies in its capability to schedule appointments and track objects effectively. At Dunea, CE-ESTER operates with two distinct workflow approaches: for inspections of large installation, they create individual work orders per machine, while for inspections involving multiple small pieces of equipment, they consolidate them into a single work order.

Inspector Steven Bulk of Dunea explains: “Before CE-ESTER arrives, we inform the site manager about the scheduled inspections and the expected equipment on-site. While the equipment should ideally always be present, there are instances where items need to be retrieved for inspection. Thankfully, Centix provides clear documentation, allowing us to quickly locate and manage equipment.”

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In the field: from inspection to administration

The appeal of offering more than just inspections is precisely what led Dunea to partner with CE-ESTER, combined with the Centix platform. Inspectors Slobodan Ristic (CE-ESTER) and Steven Bulk (Dunea) elucidate how this optimisation of the inspection process manifests in their day-to-day operations. Slobodan elaborates, “Upon arrival at the site, I open the Work Order App, where I promptly see my assigned tasks. Subsequently, I access the Centix Mobile Appfor inspection purposes and commence my work.” Inspectors Steven and Slobodan collaborate closely during inspections. Steven Bulk explains, “As an Dunea inspector, I accompany Slobodan, pointing out the locations of various objects whenever possible. Some sites are extensive, requiring us to visit multiple sub-locations.” Inspector Ristic appreciates the collaborative approach with his colleague, stating it’s beneficial when his fellow inspector actively engages in the process. “With larger customers, we often collaborate with their internal inspectors.”

The inspectors take on the responsibility of completing work orders themselves whenever possible, preferably while in the field. This approach not only eases the burden on the planning staff but also allows them to focus on the core tasks. Slobodan explains, “In the Work Order App, we finalise the details before I leave the site. Upon departure, I close the work order, signalling to the CE-ESTER planning team that my task is complete. At the end of the day, I log my hours, including non-billable time like travel and any delays. The integration with Snelstart streamlines the administrative process afterward.” Slobodan expresses great enthusiasm for working with Centix, noting, “It enhances my role as an inspector, as I handle almost all aspects of the job myself, from inspection to administration. This diversity makes it an exciting and fulfilling job.”

Centix: Innovation and future perspectives

The collaboration between Dunea, CE-ESTER, and Centix has yielded substantial enhancements in the inspection process and object management. Both Dunea and CE-ESTER eagerly anticipate future advancements with Centix. Dunea intends to extend the system to all employees, while CE-ESTER will leverage Centix’s flexibility and comprehensive capabilities for their inspection activities. “It is undoubtedly a means to further facilitate our growth,” remarks the relations manager. All parties involved concur: “Working with Centix is highly enjoyable. Centix significantly aids us in maintaining control, streamlining processes, and fostering collaboration.”

The case of Dunea and CE-ESTER serves as a compelling example of how digitising inspection processes can be a worthwhile investment for organisations committed to enhancing efficiency, control, and safety. Intrigued by this customer case and eager to explore further possibilities with our software? Do not hesitate to contact us or request an online product demonstration.

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