Centix Online has a new front office relations screen

Centix Online has a new front office relations screen. The new front office relations screen is more representative, works faster and is more user-friendly. In addition, it offers users more insight by displaying graphs in a clear dashboard. Depending on the rights, you can control who can access what information and who can make changes.


One of the most striking improvements is the representative user interface of the new screen. It offers a more modern look and feel and a significantly faster user experience. However, what makes this new screen really special is the ability to display various graphs and diagrams on your dashboard.

Graphs and diagrams

The graphs and diagrams show essential information such as when inspection is needed, the total number of objects of relations and what type of objects there are. The graphs provide profound insight into the organisation’s status and allow end users to see for themselves how everything is doing. This is especially valuable for customer portals, where customers can now easily track the status of their organisation. You therefore have an overall view of what does and does not need to be inspected soon. The new front-office relations screen is becoming a powerful tool, allowing customers to act proactively and improve the security of their organisation.