Centix introduces order pick zones

Centix has introduced order pick zones within Centix Online. This new functionality makes order picking easier.

The five main advantages of order pick zones

1. Efficient picking

By introducing order pick zones, your ability to pick efficiently in your warehouse significantly expands. This goes beyond the previous basic classifications of a location as inside or outside the warehouse, for example.

2. Improved insight into racking

With pick zones, you can now precisely determine in which zone, which warehouse location and which racking items are located. This is beneficial for subdividing pick lists and operations, as well as enhancing your overall overview.

3. Flexible pick zones

Pick zones can now be defined as, for example, inside, outside, in the yard, in a specific part of the warehouse, or even at a specific warehouse location with rack numbers.

4. Simplified order picking

Order picking becomes significantly easier and more streamlined with pick zones. Your warehouse manager can now create pick zones within warehouse locations, where racks can be utilized.

5. Customer-specific splitting

To help our customers work even more efficiently, we have expanded our platform. By creating pick zones in the warehouse, it is possible to split up orders more specifically, for example focusing on a specific customer.

This is a big step forward in optimising your warehouse management, which we are proud of. We believe order pick zones will enable you to work more efficiently.

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