Inspection company CE-ESTER went from registration to total management with Centix

About 20 employees work at inspection company CE-ESTER, of whom 16 are inspectors who annually inspect around 100,000 objects at 850 different customers. The management and workflow management of these is done in Centix. For consecutive years, the company has been experiencing 30% growth. Owner and CE-ESTER ambassador Efraïm Ester says Centix is directly contributing to that growth. “It is a booster.”

Situation before Centix: Paperwork

Before the company started using Centix, it still processed all inspections on paper. Because of this, Ephraim spent evenings at a time dealing with an entire load of paperwork. The manual method was not only time-consuming but also increased the likelihood of errors. He tells how he came to a turning point: “It occurred to me: if I carry on like this, I will soon have four men in the office, two outside. That had to change.” He ended up with Centix and discovered, “Finally a company that delivers what many companies promise; Centix just makes it happen.” From 2020, Centix was going to play a central role in the organisation. Whereas CE-ESTER previously worked in various side-by-side software programmes: an accounting package, work order app, a vehicle tracking system, the company switched to total management in one system: Centix Online.

Centix's solution: Absolute added value

CE-ESTER is at the forefront of digitalisation. One of the first companies to work entirely in the cloud. The company has been working with Centix since 2012. The goal with Centix was initially to increase efficiency and reduce errors. Ephraim says: “Manual input creates errors, automation creates error reduction.” At CE-ESTER, the Centix Online package is used as a total solution. Inspections – from order to invoicing – take place in one system. ” Almost nobody works in our accounting package anymore,” says Ephraim. CRM follow-up, daily operations, work orders and also contracts. EVERYTHING is in it! That is the absolute added value of Centix.” 

Advantages/ Results with Centix: In control

  • From simple registration to total management and being in control
  • A more efficient way of working, as everything takes place in one package.
  • Clarity and overview:
    Everyone knows where they stand and what their tasks are.
  • Improved customer service towards CE-ESTER’s customers: CE-ESTER’s customers have a better overview and insight into the condition of their equipment. And are given early reminders of inspections that are (about to) expire, so CE-ESTER can schedule the inspections in time.
  • Centix contributes with all these benefits directly to CE-ESTER’s growth, for example by using Centix as a marketing tool to bring in new customers:
  • Thanks to Centix, CE-ESTER can fulfil its customer promise: “If you partner with us, you will never have untested tools“.

"Centix has contributed directly to our growth and has become a booster for our business innovation: We continue to innovate together."

Owner CE-ESTER Ephraim Ester
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