Centix: for every maintenance strategy

Centix Online Basis has four types of maintenance which are all organized differently. Corrective maintenance, preventive maintenance and usage-based maintenance. In addition, event-driven maintenance using sensoring is possible through an API. In Centix all types of maintenance can be used together, also per asset.

Corrective maintenance

Corrective maintenance is a maintenance task performed to restore a defective or underperforming asset to its proper operational condition. In Centix this is widely supported through service notifications and the workflow. A user can submit a service request by scanning a QR code of the asset or location. A workflow item is created for this, after which it can be assessed and scheduled. Often used in service organizations where customers can create service notifications, but also in industry where production employees can submit service notifications for the technical service.

Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance, also called periodic maintenance, is routine maintenance tasks with a fixed time interval. Preventive maintenance aims to prevent malfunctions and defects and improve the performance of assets. It is the most commonly used maintenance type in Centix. The time interval can differ per asset type, on which the maintenance plans are defined. Maintenance for motors, pumps or valves, for example, is usually scheduled at a fixed time interval. Maintenance can be performed using the Centix Mobile App.

Use based maintenance

Usage-based maintenance is meter reading-oriented maintenance. Maintenance is scheduled based on the actual use of the asset. In Centix this is supported by the meter readings. It takes into account daily use of the asset and uses this to define an expiration date to perform maintenance. For example, maintenance can be scheduled every so many operating hours or kilometers. This is often used, for example, for maintenance of a generator, engine, conveyor belts, but also for service vehicles.

Event based maintenance
A final type of maintenance is event-based maintenance. In this, maintenance is organized on the basis of a number of events. An application with this is the reading of vibration or temperature sensors. These contain an alarm value. If this value is exceeded, a maintenance task is created. Often used in installation technology, building management systems, production companies and industry. Event based maintenance is possible in Centix through an API.

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